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Defending article on Scourge by Vinepaw and Silverdusk

Vinepaw and Silverdusk takes a look at Scourge.

Art by GrayPillow

Heyo , it’s the one the only Vineeepppawww!!!!
And yes it is me Silverdusk.
Today we will be defending Scourge.
Yes he is evil and all but we have our opinion you have yours. Agreed?
Okie dokie let’s start from the start shall we?
Little Itty bitty Tiny the runt of the litter, the poor thing was teased by his siblings Socks and Ruby.
Tut tut tut.
One glorious day little teeny weeny Tiny went out to explore the forest. He met a Thunderclan patrol which included Bluefur/Bluestar, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw/Tigerclaw/Tigerstar/the evil dude who everyone hates. Thistleclaw who was Tigerpaws mentor told Tigerpaw to attack him. (Nooooooooo!!)
Bluefur stopped the fight and lead the patrol back to camp(Tigerpaw says “You’ll never forget me!”) and left poor little beaten up Tiny left alone by himself. Tiny went back home. The end!
Just kidding.
Fast foward a few years/moons later…
Tiny is in a alleyway with other cats fighting to survive. All the cats laugh at him because he is wearing a kittypet collar. One day a dog is resting in the alleyway. Tiny sneaks up on it and checks underneath. (Kinda Sus). He finds a tooth. So yeah the dog is waiting for the tooth fairy to come and yet Tiny decides to steal the tooth.Tiny sticks it in his collar hoping it will be able to take the collar off but it doesn’t. Later he is walking through the alley when he meets two other cats they ask him how he got it and he makes up a story of how he beat up the dog and stole his tooth. Then they ask him I’d he can help with their dog problem and blah blah blah we don’t want to get into to much detail do we?

Anyways he beats up that dog and then he becomes famous in the alley and stuff. Soon he is asked to solve a problem about other alley cats stealing food. He finds the cats and kills one of them. (Yeah Tiny show him who’s boss)! They ask him what his name is and he’s all like: “My name is Scourge.” The naming has been complete!!!! Yay! Well not exactly.

Tigerstar walks into the alley with Boulder. Tigerstar comprises that if Scourge helps him beat Firestar he can have quarter of the forest. Reminder: Scourge has still not forgotten about what Tigerstar did to him. Later on when the battle is starting Tigerstar is all like hahaha I’m gonna beat you. But Scourge decides to attack Tigerstar. He takes away all of Tigerstar’s 9 lives in one blow. Scourge claims the forest but not for long. Firestar makes a plan and kills Scourge.
Ok I hope you liked this article! JayxStick forever.
-Vinepaw & Silverdusk.

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  • Great article! I love Scourge’s character, because, maybe I’m weird or crazy, but I love reading books where the main character isn’t quite in the right mind. I just think it adds a delightful twist to the story. Like near the end of Power of Three, when Hollyleaf goes a liiiiiittle crazy… I love it, because it’s so interesting. But i think the best way to read The Rise of Scourge (as everybody should) is after series one. Because then, you know not to expect another hero, but a villain.

  • Great article! i completely agree! (: Scourge is underrated in my opinion.

  • This was a great article but there wasn’t too much written in his defense, it’s kind of just a summary of his backstory and nothing else :/
    But it’s still really good!

    • I agree, I was hoping to see a bit more in his defense, but overall, great article!

    • I agree, I was hoping to see a bit more in his defense, but overall, great article!

  • Me loves. Scourge is one of ma faves be cuz he’s evil but he be vibing. I like how he gets revenge but he has a reason to be evil. I also like Mapleshade for that reason

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