An Emoji Guide to Warriors Prefixes and Suffixes by MoonTabby

MoonTabby matches up emojis to prefixes and suffixes from the series.

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Hi again! This is MoonTabby, back with another article. As some of you may or may not know, I have a secret… I LOVE emojis! And there are so many of them, right? So many of them match up with the prefixes and suffixes of the warrior cats.

It gave me the idea to write this article. Today I’ll be giving a long list of various prefixes and suffixes in alphabetical order, along with their corresponding emojis, that are found in the Warriors universe. Some emojis have more than one possible word (such as 🐸 could mean either Frog- or Toad-, though both names mean basically the same creature). Note that I won’t include the rank suffixes, like -kit, -paw, and -star.

Having trouble coming up with your Blog name? Need inspiration for an OC or character in a story? You can browse through this list for ideas! Mix and match some of these prefixes and suffixes for whatever you need. For instance, would you come up with Berryfoot? Tulipfall? Eaglecloud? (I just made these up, feel free to use them if you want!)

Keep in mind, though, that I couldn’t include ALLLLL of the Warriors names. That would be tiring! Either some names don’t have an emoji in the average phone keyboard, or I forgot to include some 😛


🌰= Acorn / Nut
🐜= Ant
🍎= Apple
🐝= Bee
🫐= Berry
🐦= Bird
☀️= Bright
🍒= Cherry
☁️= Cloud
☘️= Clover
🌼= Daisy
🌅= Dawn / Morning
🕊️= Dove
🌆= Dusk
🦅= Eagle / Hawk
🪶= Feather
🌿= Fern / Frond
🔥= Fire / Flame
🐟= Fish
🌺= Flower
🦊= Fox
🐸= Frog / Toad
🐰= Hare / Rabbit
🍁= Leaf
🐆= Leopard
🦁= Lion
🦎= Lizard
🌫️= Mist
🌘= Moon
🐭= Mouse
🌌= Night
🌳= Oak
🦦= Otter
🦉= Owl
🌲= Pine
🌧️= Rain
🪨= Rock / Stone
🌹= Rose
👥= Shadow
❄️= Snow
🕷️= Spider
💦= Splash
🌱= Sprout / Stem
🐿️= Squirrel
🌞= Sun
🐯= Tiger
🌷= Tulip
🐢= Turtle
🕸️= Web
💨= Wind
🐺= Wolf
🪵= Wood

*Other prefixes can also be colors (Red-, Gray- or Grey-, Violet-, etc.)*


🐦= -bird
🏵️= -bloom
☁️= -cloud
👂= -ear
🍂= -fall
🦷= -fang / -tooth
🪶= -feather
🌿= -fern / -frond
🔥= -fire / -flame
🐟= -fish
❄️= -flake
🌺= -flower
👣= -foot
🍁= -leaf
♥️= -heart
🦵= -leg
🌫️= -mist
🐽= -nose
🌟= -shine
🌩️= -storm
💨= -wind

I hope this article helped you out! I sure had a lot of fun browsing through these emojis. What cool names did you come up with? Don’t forget to leave a comment!

This is MoonTabby, signing off! 👋

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