Cadvent Day 5

Welcome back everyone! How are you all doing? I know the end of the year can be quite a stressful time for people, so I hope these pictures will bring you a bit of joy! Remember to stay hydrated, get lots of rest, and take care of yourself in this exam season

First up, Lilacpaw has shared an adorable image of their turtles! Is it holiday themed? Maybe not, but these turtles are so awesome I just had to include them anyways 😀

two yellow and black striped turtles swim in a tank with green, leafy plants around them

Next, Cheetahflame sent in a wonderful picture of their cats, Ginger and Moxie! They look so so cozy!

an ginger cat with yellow eyes and a dark grey cat lie on a grey couch

And finally, Starstream has shared a lovely picture of their rabbit, Caramel, looking positively festive with a Christmas hat on! Caramel looks totally ready for the holiday season!

a cream coloured rabbit with blue eyes wears a red santa hat. in front of the rabbit is a blue bowl of food



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