My favourite warrior cats by Vinepaw

Vinepaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by @0XxHimmelxX0 (Twitter) and GrayPillow

Hi, Hola, Gutentag, Meooow!
It’s me Vinepaw I’m telling you who my favorite warrior cats are. Yay!

1. Jayfeather
Ok so yeah Jayfeather one of the four cats chosen by Starclan! He one of my favorite cats because he is blind but he is still capable. He does have quite a mood though! He was quite a moody cat in A VISION OF SHADOWS but probably because you see him from another cats point of view. SHAKE BEFORE THEE JAYFEATHER!!

2. Tallstar
He had one of the best super editions!!!! I love Tallstar he is a wise, smart, pretty, Loyal, alright you get the point don’t you. JAKE I FEEL YOUR PRESENSE.👻🐱

3. Crowfeather
Crowfeather, *puts on serious face* He had like 3 MATES. Two of them were from a different clan! He was one of the cats chosen in the New prophecy! HE IS IMPORTANT LITTLE MR. Crowwwwffeaatthherrrr!!!!!!

4. Yellowfang
Alrighty we all know the reason she is on here! SHE IS AMAZING. Sometimes it feels like Yellowfang and Jayfeather are related because both of them have moods they both have powers and they are both medicine cats! She died rescuing an elder WHO DIED ANYWAYS!!! But yeah she died it was sad. Oh yeah she also has the power to feel any cats pain. Totally forgot to mention that.😅

5. Crookedstar
Ok so I read Crookedstars promise. IT WAS SO GOOD. He was trained in the dark forest because mapleshade tricked him. Oh yeah at one point in his super edition he sees Thistleclaw (you know the one from Bluestars prophecy?) Mapleshade pretends to send a sign by breaking a squirrels jaw and putting it in the prey pile. Then he stops training with Mapleshade. And she’s all like; “I will take all stuff you love away from you!”
So yeah she kills his mate and SILVERSTREAM.

6. Violetshine
She is SO COOL!!!!! She was found by Needletail and Alderheart in the forest. Then Thunderclan and Shadowclan argued about who should take which kit because Needletail was in Shadowclan as well. Anyway the rouges invade Shadowclan and everyone there is forced to join. Then sneakily Violetshine goes against the rouges and comes up with a plan with Alderheart. The plan doesn’t work and Violetshine is punished! Her punishment was watching Darktail kill Needletail. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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