Analyzing Characters #1: Tree by Rosepaw

Rosepaw takes a closer look at Tree the Mediator.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (warriorsproject on tumblr)

Ello! It’s me, Rosie, with my 3rd article!
Today I’m going to be analyzing and discussing Tree!

In AVOS, Tree is portrayed as calm, cool and a genuinely liked character. The only cats who seemed to have a problem with him were Tigerstar and Juniperclaw, because he was trying to keep Skyclan on the lake, but Tiger and Juniper wanted them to leave.
And, also, when Violetshine finds out she’s having kits, Tree is excited and being a good, supportive, involved cat.
And in AVOS Tree is shown to actually be interested in the way of the warriors. He is fascinated by how they work and is interested in trying to learn. And, like I said before, no one really disliked him, and among Skyclan he was somewhat respected.

However, in TBC, essentially every cat thinks he’s a weirdo that can see ghosts like omg he’s so weird guys stay away from that weirdo argle keep him away from meeeeeee!
And, as we can see in TBC Lost Stars, when Dewspring updates Tree about Rootpaw’s progress, Tree doesn’t even give to mouse tails! Though I have a seperate theory about that. And, in TBC, Tree is shown to question the warrior life at every turn.
In AVOS Tree says something about how he’s found his place in Skyclan and the life of a loner doesn’t fit him anymore, and yet in TBC Silent Thaw, Tree is trying to get Violetshine, Needlepaw and Rootpaw to leave the can with him almost every page!
It’s as if the second A Starless Clan was thought up, the Erin’s forgot Tree’s entire history from AVOS!

Now, onto that theory I mentioned about how Tree was around Rootpaw. As we can clearly see, the main times Tree is shown to NOT be either uninterested or disappointed in Rootpaw was when Rootpaw revealed he could see a ghost.
We all know[Or at least, you do if you’ve read Tree’s Roots] that Rootpaw was named after Tree’s father, Root, and Needlepaw was named after Needletail.
My theory is that the reason Tree was so weird around Rootpaw was because when he named Rootpaw after Root, Tree thought Rootspring would be more like Root. However, as it turned out, Rootspring is VERY unlike Root, and I think Tree was saddened by this, because when he saw Rootspring’s yellow fur, identical to Root’s, Tree hoped, and thought, that Rootspring would always be there to remind Tree of his lost father.
You can see that Needleclaw is somewhat similar to Needletail, in the way she talks, and is sure of herself and such, so Tree was sad because Violetshine had Needleclaw to remind her of Needletail, as they were pretty similar, but since Rootspring didn’t turn out like Root, Tree didn’t have his reminder.

This is just my theory on Tree, so if you have any other theories feel free to comment them!
~Rosie OUT~

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