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Hazelbreeze shares their opinion on Bluestar.

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Hi, I’m Hazelbreeze and in a lot of the articles I’ve read concerning her, Bluestar gets a lot of hate and is accused of being “Overrated” or “Overreactive” (Considering the insanity she went through after Tigerclaw/star betrayed her). But I feel she is overhated and deserves a bit more love. Keep in mind: This is just my opinion, Feel free to carry on with your beliefs. I hope you enjoy!

Her mental decline

This is one of the reasons everyone hates her so much. She was only betrayed by Tigerclaw/star and then she goes “mentally insane”. Sounds a bit outrageous, Right? But really, She had reason for it. It wasn’t just because Tigerclaw/star betrays her. She was getting terribly old by that point, As earlier in the series, Rosetail, A cat several moons younger than Bluestar was, Is an elder by that point. Bluestar was on her 7th life around the time Rosetail died (Battling Blackfoot to defend the nursery). It’s quite obvious she’s been through a lot (And I mean a whole lot). Neglected by her father, Her mother murdered for as good as nothing, Her sister also dying for absolutely nothing as well, Not to mention she was forced to give up her kits (One dead). And now Rosetail dies, One of her best friends. Then one of her senior warriors just turns on her. How bad can that feel?

Being a massive hypocrite

Thistleclaw x Snowfur. Bluestar (Bluefur at the time) wasn’t exactly supportive of her sister having Thistleclaw as a mate. But it happened anyway, Love is hard to refuse (I think? Don’t take my word for it, I wouldn’t know). But what happened then? Bluefur went off and fell in love with Oakheart. A very much illegal relationship, Considering Oakheart was from RiverClan. But did she care? Well, At first she did. But now, Absolutely not. And of course, Things turn sour and she was forced to give her kits up to stop Thistleclaw. It seems quite obvious why Bluestar is hated here. She’s angry about her sister taking up a simply bad cat as a mate, And she goes off and picks Oakheart, Of all cats, From RiverClan of all places, To love. I mean, You’re sorta gonna get hate for that sort of thing. But she paid the price, Her kits were raised in RiverClan, Not ever knowing their true mother, Not ever thinking she was important to them,
All they knew her as was ThunderClan’s irrational leader who happened to have the same blue-gray fur. Not to mention, Mosskit died. She did a wrong, She paid the price. No need to rub it in.

Overrated for being “Kind” and “Sweet” when she is certainly not either

Bluestar is also accused of being overrated. People I’ve met claim she’s mainly loved for being kind and sweet, But truly that’s not what she’s like and we all know it (Gotta admit, That’s pretty true). I mean, Yes, she is absolutely not kind or sweet. No, She does not deserve hate because people who don’t know the series very well think she’s like that. And from what I know, Accusations of Bluestar being overrated are false as far as I’ve heard. She’s a very well-known character, But she’s not quite loved and she’s only a few people’s favourite (Or one of their favourite) cat.

So please stop raining hate on Bluestar, I feel she doesn’t deserve it (Then again, Just my opinion). I hope you enjoyed.

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