Cadvent Day 11

Do you feel the festivities in the air? It’s two weeks until Christmas and one week until Hanukkah starts! How exciting! Just a reminder that your Cadvent pictures can be celebrations of any winter holiday – I think it would be wonderful if we got a wide range of holiday pictures 😀

Have any of you been watching the World Cup? Hollykit’s cat, Oscar, certainly has! I’ve been personally cheering for the Dutch, though now that they’re out, maybe Morocco? Either way, I hope Oscar enjoys watching the soccer games 😀

a silver tabby cat lies under a cream blanket, batting at a toy soccer ball

Our lovely mod Aquila has also sent in a picture of her cat, Honey, looking so regal in her throne of tinsel!

a calico cat with yellow-green eyes stares at the camera. it sits in a nest of tinsel

And lastly, Amberpaw has shared some wonderful art they drew, titled “the Joys of Christmas” ! Thanks for sharing Amberpaw, I love your art!

a drawing of a white and black spotted cat and a pink pig wearing a Santa hat and red and white striped scar smiling. there are two red and green presents by them

🌻🌸🌸🌺🌸🌷🌸🌷Birchbreeze🦋🐔🦋🐌Call me Birchy!🔥🌏🌷🌷🌷🌟TOUR TONITE🌏✨🌏💐I'll never walk Cornelia Street again...🌟💐🌏


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