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Honeypaw shares their opinion on Foxheart.

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Hello! This is my first article, and I will be analyzing Foxheart. There might be some spoilers about Yellowfang’s Secrets, but that’s basically the only book Foxheart appears a lot.

Many cats don’t like Foxheart for several popular reasons:

1. The name FOXHEART? Her siblings has WAY better names than her name. His brother, Wolfstep, is a wonderful name in my opinion. I honestly don’t know why she’s called Foxheart, so I’m not going to go too detailed in this reason. But like, seriously? Hating a character because of her name, not her personality? This name isn’t a name Foxheart chose. I actually believe it’s a good name, if you don’t think about insults. She still has a heart of a warrior. Her prefix is just… it’s not bad, because Foxleap is also a good character.

2. Many cats like Yellowfang, so I’m going to rant about Yellowfang and Raggedpelt/star. I don’t get this relationship at ALL. Before them becoming mates, I never saw them have love to each other. So when Yellowfang got kits, she wanted to be a medicine cat instead of caring for her kits. Short reason, I know, but if I continue, that’ll be like a small summary of Yellowfang’s Secrets with only Yellowfang and Raggedstar.

3. She only bullies Yellowfang because she was jealous. This is what I call an immature cat, who only wanted to be with Raggedstar, that’s why she hated Yellowfang. Foxheart didn’t say that she was the mother, but there was many rumors so Foxheart didn’t say anything about not being Raggedstar’s mate, right? No one can doubt that fact.

4. On to Yellowfang’s perspective. (There would be a good book with Foxheart’s perspective, but no one really likes Foxheart, so there probably shouldn’t be one.) We all know Yellowfang hates Foxheart, because Foxheart often bullies Yellowfang. But Foxheart also hates Yellowfang, too, for really no reasons. She just wanted to be with Raggedstar, but she also didn’t have to go that far. Anyway, when Foxheart died, Yellowfang wasn’t like, “It was my dream for Foxheart to die!”. In fact, she was actually sad that Foxheart had to die so young. Like 39 moons. Young, isn’t she?

Ok, so we never got Foxheart’s perspective, and we only seen her near Yellowfang. Foxheart was actually a decent warrior, pretty good at hunting and fighting. Here’s a few reasons why Foxheart is actually a decent warrior:

1. Since we only seen her near Yellowfang, we never saw Foxheart talking to someone else, or annoying someone else. What I’m saying is that Foxheart is just annoying to Yellowfang, because she wants to be with Raggedstar. I don’t really like Raggedstar, though, so Foxheart deserves someone better.

2. So when Foxheart died, most of the Clan grieved for her, which means she’s a popular cat. It’s not because she’s the deputy (she hasn’t served her Clan has a deputy for that long). Not just a popular cat, she’s also a decent cat.

3. Foxheart trained a good leader, Nightpaw/star.

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  • Great article! So in my opinion, She’s a foxheart

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