Cadvent Day 13

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic day today! And if not, I hope these adorable pictures will cheer you up 😀 so get comfy, and let’s welcome in a new day of Cadvent!

First up, Flakepaw’s shared a picture of their dog, Chance, looking so festive in a little candy cane bandana! I don’t know about Chance, but I’ve eaten way too many candy canes so far this December…

a cream coloured dog with brown eyes gazes up at the camera. it wears a red bandana with candy canes on it

And next up, Blueheart is sharing an annual picture of Toby! I just love this blanket of his, it looks so warm and cozy! Perfect for a snowy day 😀

a yellow and grey cockatiel bird sits on a perch in a cage. there is a green and red blanket draped over it with snowflate and candy cane designs

And finally, Iceflower has again spoiled us with another amazing Cadvent photo!

a brown and white tabby cat with green eyes sits on a blanket with a string of lights draped over it