Cadvent Day 14

Hello hello! Welcome back friends! How are you all doing? Are you enjoying some festive food? Perhaps listening so some winter-y music? Or…looking at cute animal pictures on the blog?

Speaking of which….Skypaw has found a picture online that’s perfect for the holiday season! How cute!! I hope that cat gets everything it wants for Christmas

a black kitten sleeps on a patterned cushion. it wears a red Santa had and holds a red gift with white polka dots and a green bow in its paws

Dustybloom has very kindly shared a picture of their pet hamster, Hazel, getting ready for Christmas!

a beige hamster sits on a wooden table beside a toy Santa Claus

And lastly for today, Dustpaw has shared an image titled “CloudBright as the Clauses”! What an adorable drawing – I can definitely see Cloudtail as Santa Claus!

a drawing of Cloudtail and Brightheart from Warrior Cats dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus



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