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Giving KOTLC Characters Warrior Names! by Flamefire

Flamefire gives warrior names to characters from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Hello! ^^ I absolutely love Kotlc, and I love Warrior Cats as well, so I decided to combine the two and give Kotlc characters warrior names, clans, and ranks! Let’s begin.

Number 1
Sophie Elizabeth Foster
Personality: Kind, selfless, caring, secretive, loyal, oblivious
Appearance: Brown eyes with golden flecks, blond hair, pale skin, slim
Warrior Profile: Sunheart – lithe yellow she-cat with pale brown eyes with golden flecks [Deputy of ThunderClan]

Number 2
Keefe [I’m-not-your-legacy-boy] Sencen
Personality: Funny, caring, selfless, teasing, but underneath broken, scared, and guilty
Appearance: Ice-blue eyes, blond hair, pale skin, slim with broad shoulders
Warrior Profile: Yellowblaze – large white tom with pale yellow eyes [Warrior of WindClan]

Number 3
Fitzroy Avery Vacker
Personality: Caring, defensive, temperamental issues (occasionally), sweet, quick to judgement, brave
Appearance: Teal blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, pale skin, tall with broad shoulders
Warrior Profile: Braveclaw – large brown tabby tom with teal eyes [Warrior of ThunderClan]

Number 4
Biana Amberly Vacker
Personality: Kind, brave, teasing
Appearance: Teal blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, pale skin, slim
Warrior Profile: Fierceheart – beautiful speckled brown tabby she-cat with teal eyes [Warrior of RiverClan]

Number 5
Dexter Alvin Dizznee
Personality: Kind, brilliant, pouty, pushy, gentle, competitive, loyal
Appearance: Strawberry-blond hair, periwinkle blue eyes, kind of broad shoulders
Warrior Profile: Acornpaw/pelt – small yellow-pelted tom with blue eyes [Medicine cat apprentice of WindClan]

Number 6
Linh Hai Song
Personality: Kind, quiet, compassionate, swag, sweet, caring, optimistic, calm, determined, playful, fiesty
Appearance: Black hair with silver tips, dramatic silver-blue eyes, creamy complexion, soft pink lips
Warrior Profile: Silverbird – pretty small black she-cat with silver-blue eyes [Warrior of RiverClan]

Number 7
Tam Dai Song
Personality: Emo, chill, brave, protective, thoughtful, wary, trustworthy
Appearance: Black hair with silver bangs, dramatic silver-blue eyes, intense gaze
Warrior Profile: Darkshadow – lithe black tom with silver-blue eyes [Warrior of ShadowClan]

Number 8
Mr. Forkle
Personality: Secretive, patient, protective
Appearance: Varies
Warrior Profile: Untoldsecret – large white tom with black, orange and cream splotches [Warrior of StarClan]

Number 9
Marella Adene Redek
Personality: Playful, feisty, aggressive, flirty
Appearance: Blond hair with little braids woven in, large ice-blue eyes, pale skin, pixie-like build
Warrior Profile: Buzzardfire – small orange-and-white lithe she-cat with ice-blue eyes [Warrior of ShadowClan]

Number 10
Maruca [unknown] Chebota
Personality: Brave, determined, pushy, vengeful, independent
Appearance: black dreadlocks with a streak of blue, turquoise eyes, rich brown skin
Warrior Profile:

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