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Warrior’s Relationships by Rosefall

Rosefall discusses several realtionships from the series.

Art by Alder-Leaf

Hello, BlogClan! I’ve been gone for a while and thought I should post a new article. [I’ve been watching anime, don’t sue me please <3] Not having many ideas, I decided to talk about the relationships in warriors. I know this is talked about often, so if you don’t want to read this, I completely understand! [SPOILERS FOR ALL ARCS] [I might get hate for this, I might not but remember. Just because I have this opinion does NOT mean yours is invalid. I respect ALL ships in Warriors, whatever the case!] [Warning: May be a long article]

Ships in warriors are always a 50-50 chance. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nothing else I can say. The way the Erin’s develop relationships is either TRY or DO NOT DEVELOP WHATSOEVER. I feel like only 1 out of two of the ships is actually good and don’t go—well—out of hand. Firstly, let’s talk about Bluestar[fur] and Oakheart.

For the longest time, I’ve really wondered why Bluefur[star] would ever go paws over heels in love with that RiverClan cat. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. Was he that attractive? He must’ve been because Bluefur[star]’s personal opinion was that Oakheart was more big-headed than Thistlepaw[claw]. She didn’t have a care in the world for him until he pulled her aside and told her how he felt. Then she was just OK with a random cat she has never spoken to madly in love with her? To the point where she breaks the warrior code? Bluestar’s Prophecy wasn’t my favorite because OH MY STARCLAN, it made me mad on SO many levels. [Sorry, getting off track. This isn’t a ranting article.] So, in all, I think that Bluefur[star] and Oakheart never should’ve had that meeting in secret, even though it was important, it wasn’t worth it. Sure, Stonefur and Mistystar[foot] would be dead, so RiverClan would be left without a leader, and Feathertail and Stormfur would be dead, but let’s be honest, were they that important anyway? [I’ll analyze that later]

Next is Firestar[heart]’s relationship with Spottedleaf. Y’know, I’ve said it a million times. I USED to be a SpottedxFire shipper. I thought that Sandstorm was an invalid brat and that Spottedleaf never should’ve died. But after I got onto BlogClan and read some articles, I was like ‘Oh my StarClan—why did I ship those two?’ I think that having Spottedleaf and Fireheart[star] having a relationship or interactions, in general, was just so Fireheart[star] would feel comfortable taking Spottedleaf’s useless omens. Let’s be honest here. Spottedleaf [and StarClan’s omens], were just useless in the first arc. The other arcs are debatable, but in the first arc, Fireheart[star] was more than capable of finding out everything for himself without StarClan pulling his fur out. Let’s take ‘Beware a warrior you cannot trust’, for example. [The only one I can remember at the moment, sorry XD] StarClan, you really went and made Fireheart[star] think that his own BEST FRIEND was who you meant. Fireheart[star] is NO mousebrain. He KNEW not to trust Tigerclaw[star]. He knew from when he first joined ThunderClan. Face it, StarClan was just kind of useless in the first arc. [If I’m mistaken, write in the comments please because I currently don’t have the first arc near me and I’m kind of ‘Rusty’ NO I AM NOT SORRY]

Ok, the last one, for now, let’s talk about the next relationship in the first arc, Graystripe, and Silverstream. Do NOT get me wrong, I’m NOT a GraySilver hater. I think that GraySilver is an amazing relationship. But—there’s no development. I’m sorry, but to me personally, I have to get to know someone before I even CONSIDER being their FRIEND, much less having full-on KITS together. For all Graystripe knows, Silverstream could’ve been a cold-hearted murder. [I know she isn’t, just for reference.] My point is that Graystripe knew nothing about Silverstream, and that is why they went and met each other in secret, I guess? But I feel like he should’ve waited to get to know her better at Gatherings as friends, which is legal, and if he loved her as much as he does, THEN go and break the code to be with her or whatever. I don’t hate this ship, not at all, but it is flawed. Also, I think that all of Graystripe’s kits aren’t the best ever [other than Brairlight]. I haven’t made it past the first book of OOTS, so don’t sue me please, I’m waiting for my order to come. Feathertail likes a younger cat than her, which I would say there’s nothing wrong with that, as I love FernxDust [ish], but he’s a full-blown apprentice and she’s a warrior, and their in different Clans. I love that Feathertail is welcoming and kind towards Crowpaw[feather], but just, no. It’s like Firestar[heart] and Spottedleaf’s position. I just think that their creeps for that. [Sorry]. I think Stormfur is okay. He’s a pretty dull character for the first maybe two books of TNP, but I do love that he stays with Brook, and that we can really get some more of his character in the books forward. Briarlight is just an amazing sweetheart, I was heartbroken when I learned about her legs. I don’t know much about Blossomfall, other than that she didn’t deserve what Millie did to her. [I’m sorry, Akira, I watched your video over and over, I just don’t like her T^T] and Bumblestripe is just—-don’t get me started.

Okay, let me know what you guys think about this article, and whether I should do part two or not. Give me some suggestions, too! I love you guys, Rosie out! <3 [Have a fantastic day/night/afternoon!]

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