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The Medicine Cat Rule: Why it’s Unfair and Completely Pointless by Spiritpaw

Spiritpaw discusses the medicine cat rule.

Art by Zorri (medibang)

Hello there, fellow bloggers! It is I, Spiro, back to torment you guys with another article >:)
Today, we are not only going to be discussing the medicine cat rule, we are going to be talking about Moth Flight and her kits, and how what StarClan told her to do with them was completely and utterly pointless.
Before we begin,

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s start by stating why the medicine cat rule is unfair.
The one in particular I’m talking about is the one about how medicine cats are forbidden to have a mate and or kits.
So, for those of you who’ve read MFV, you know that Moth Flight fell in love with Micah, a friendly, compassionate farm cat who went on to become SkyClan’s first medicine cat.
Then he dies, (which is Clear Sky’s fault, more or less >:( (I will touch more on that in another article I plan on writing)) and Moth Flight later realizes that she is expecting his kits.
Then she gives birth, and for a while, they are all happy, but Moth Flight keeps worrying that her Clan will need her when her kits need her most, a valid worry.
But she’s also forgetting about Reed Tail, a more-than-competent healer-warrior who’s had way more experience than her, who could always ask her about something if he was unsure.
Eventually, she gets a message from StarClan saying that she needs to give up her kits so the Clans can be stronger and not fight anymore or whatever.
Um, StarClan, remember Jackdaw’s Cry and Falling Feather? They were siblings, each in a different group, and ended up killing each other in the great battle?! Remember them, StarClan? Huh?
And have you seen what awful things Clear Sky is capable of? He was the cause of the great battle, for StarClan’s sake! He doesn’t give a mouse-tail for family or anything that matters! (Unless it’s his precious Star Flower and their kits, that is.)
He’s not gonna care that Honey Pelt is gonna have to fight his brother and sisters! What makes you so sure he won’t go and make them fight each other? What makes you so sure that he’s gonna care what you say?
Clear Sky hasn’t headed your word in the past, and from what he’s done and continues to do, we know that he doesn’t change.
Anyway, my point is, StarClan ordering Moth Flight to do that was pretty, epicly pointless. The Clans just kept right on fighting! It didn’t matter! StarClan broke up a family for almost nothing!
Keyword: almost.
Moth Flight was actually pretty young when she became a mother, so it made sense that she couldn’t properly take care of her family. And yeah, she did have a ton of help, but still.
So StarClan did accomplish one thing – they helped WindClan maybe avoid some deaths, but we don’t see that happening, so it was pretty pointless that they told Moth Flight to give up her kits.
But just because Moth Flight couldn’t handle a family when she was young did not, by any means, mean that she couldn’t have had a family later on and everything have been ok.
And just because Moth Flight couldn’t handle a family right then did NOT mean that any of the other medicine cats couldn’t have had a family, like Acorn Fur, who was growing close to Red Claw.
We don’t know if Acorn Fur would have been any different then Moth Flight, but every parent is different, with different techniques and skills. Acorn Fur was not Moth Flight, and she was older, and could’ve had a vastly different experience.
Moth Flight telling her that she couldn’t have a family was kind of ridiculous, even if she did have Acorn Fur’s best interests at heart.
And StarClan did have a valid point about toms having mates and kits too, saying that fathers didn’t love their kits any less than mothers, which is very true. But mothers are the ones who nurse the kits, and in warriors, they are (usually) more involved in their kits’ lives than the fathers.
Also, if leaders, who have an equally big, equally important job can have kits, then why can’t medicine cats? I mean, look at Leafstar and Firestar! They weren’t any less of a good leader when they had kits, same with Crookedstar and literally every single leader who’s ever had kits.
So… I was going to do this in sections, but I’ve already touched on why it is unfair and pointless, so I think this wraps it up.
Let me know what you thought of this in the comments!
And as always, I wanted to remind y’all that you are loved <3

-Spiritpaw/willow, 8/24/22

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