How Villains Pasts Shaped Their Futures Part 3 by Silverdusk

Silverdusk discusses how Scourge’s past influenced him.

Edited by RoxyFoxer

Hey y’all! My name is Silverdusk & today I’m going to be writing my third article in the How Villians Pasts Shaped Their Futures series that I’ve been doing.
I’ve already done an article about Tigerstar and Ashfur, so check those out if you haven’t already. Anyway, let’s get started!

Scourge isn’t the main villian in the first arc. That honour goes to Tigerstar. But Scourge, with his small size yet surprising strength, is a memorable character.
But he isn’t just a power hungry cat who wants the whole forest for himself.
He has a reason to hate the Clans, one that may influence his lust for revenge.

Scourge was bullied as a kit by his older siblings, Socks and Ruby.
This might have led him to never want to feel as helpless again and therefore try and extend his power over others.

Scourge was also attacked by Tigerstar as a kit and badly injured.
He likely would’ve been killed if it went for Bluefur intervening.
Scourge never forgot what Tigerstar did to him. And this is a likely reason why Scourge wanted revenge on the Clans and also why he chose to kill Tigerstar.

Scourge also felt the need to lie about how he got the dog tooth in his collar, so he most likely felt a need to make others feel impressed or maybe even fear him.

I feel kind of bad for Scourge, thinking about all he’s been through and the cruel bullying he got.
Everything that happened to him from his kithood to his tomhood influenced the way he is now and the choices he made as an adult cat. (Also, a real quick question. Is scourge is the DF? Because I don’t think he’s ever been spotted there and he was a rogue and rogues don’t generally go to StarClan or the Dark Forest. But then again Darktail was a rogue and he ended up in the Dark Forest…)
Anyway, I believe Scourge had the intention of killing Tigerstar all along.
But the way he did it, pretending to be on Tigerstar’s side before striking the killing blow and claiming victory for himself was sneaky. Scourge struck fear into the hearts of Everyone around him with his cruelty; how could an innocent kit become like that?
It’s a question nobody will really be able to answer, but looking at Scourge’s tragic life, from the abuse he received to his loneliness and isolation, is it really so shocking he turned out how he did?
I believe being continually beaten up toughened him and motivated him to fight harder and make himself impossible to just again. Sorry lol I made this article pretty dark.

Thanks for reading my article!
The next and final cat I’m doing is Mapleshade.
Have a great day >3

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  • As a Scourge kinnie, someone who is constantly being made fun of at school because of their interests, and someone who’s read his manga a million times, I wholeheartedly agree with this article. Good job, and keep up the great work!

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