[Mapleshade stalks through sunlit tall grass]

How Villains Pasts Shaped Their Futures Part 4 by Silverdusk

Silverdusk discusses how Mapleshade’s past influenced her.

Official Polish cover art by Anna Podedworna

Hello! This is the final part to my How Villians Pasts Shaped Their Futures. And I’ll be doing Mapleshade!
Let’s get on with it.

Firstly, let’s go over Mapleshade’s hatred for any cat connected to Appledusk, her former mate.
Mapleshade was once a happy cat, loved by her mate and with healthy kits. When the truth was discovered, Mapleshade was driven out and her kits drowned.
Appledusk blamed Mapleshade and became mates with Reedshine.
They had some kits and one of their kits Willownose, had a kit named Shellheart, who had Crookedstar.
Mapleshade hated every member of Appledusk’s family.
But when Crookedkit was drowning in the river, did this possibly bring back memories of her own kits’ tragic deaths?
Mapleshade probably would’ve let Crookedkit drown as an act of revenge if she didn’t need him for her plan.
But maybe Maple felt at least a shred of sympathy for the ailing kit.
But who knows with her.
Feathertail also died, which must’ve pleased Mapleshade given the tortoiseshell’s explicit hatred.
Mapleshade could’ve possibly been hoping to eliminate all of Appledusk’s bloodline, because clearly this girl likes her revenge.

Anyways, Mapleshade also tried to ki Sandstorm out of jealousy.
But was it more?
If we go back all those years, Mapleshade’s leader Oakstar decided to drive her out.
Could it be possible that Sandstorm was related to Oakstar?
She is, very distantly and not through blood, but through marriage.
Sandstorm’s daughter Squirrelflight is mates with Bramblestar. Bramblestar’s father Tigerstar is Pinestar’s son and Pinestar is Oakstar’s son. So that’s that.
I don’t know if Mapleshade even knew that, but maybe her bitterness toward Oakstar made her especially resentful toward Sandstorm.
Because lots of she-cats from Thunderclan had what Mapleshade didn’t.
Sorreltail, Ferncloud, Millie, Whitewing and Poppyfrost to name a few. Mapleshade probably chose to attack Sandstorm because she said right there, ripe for the picking.
But it is possible that Mapleshade knew of Sandstorm’s connection to Oakstar.

Another thing from Mapleshade’s past is how Frecklewish was injured from an adder bite and so was Honeyfern. Could Mapleshade have had something to do with that?

I personally feel bad for Mapleshade but I know a lot of people hate her.

Sorry this article was mostly just theories lol.
So that concludes my series. After this article is published, I’ll start doing picture articles about family trees. I love posting articles but I think I’ll take a break for a bit.
Do you like Mapleshade?
Thanks for reading my article and have an amazing day/night!

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