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My Favourite Warrior Cats! by Scorchpaw

Scorchpaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by skyperch (tumblr)

Hi! My name is Hornetpaw/wing and this is my second article! I decided to do a quite popular topic, which is my favourite warrior cats!

10) Bramblestar

I like Bramblestar. He’s brave and loyal and I enjoyed reading his chapters in The New Prophecy.
I haven’t read Squirrelflight’s Hope yet, so I may change my mind about Bramblestar after I read it. I also haven’t started AVOS yet, so I haven’t seen much of Bramblestar’s leadership, but so far I love his courage and he’s a great dad to Lion, Jay and Holly.

9) Bluestar

Bluestar is such a great leader. She may have acted irrationally after Tigerclaw betrayed her, but she was still a really calm, kind, patient and fair leader.

8) Gray Wing

Gray Wing is a great dad and a calm, kind cat. He never gave up on Clear Sky, even after he started creating boundaries and being horrible.
Gray Wing’s death was so sad.

7) Firestar

Firestar is the best leader ever. He’s so kind and fair and looks beyond clan boundaries.

6) Yellowfang

Yellowfang is so cool. She’s a grumpy old cat and I love her attitude. She’s a great mentor to Cinderpelt and I love her.

5) Lionblaze

Lionblaze is so strong and simply great. He is a great warrior and even if he does have anger issues, he’s still great. And his relationship with Cinderheart is cute.

4) Jayfeather

Jayfeather is such a grump he rivals even Yellowfang. But he has a good heart and is really nice to Briarlight.

3) Graystripe

Graystripe is funny and a great friend.
I have just finished reading Graystripe’s Vow and I love him so much after finishing it. Graystripe is just such a lovable cat.

2) Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight’s energy and fire is amazing. She was a bit annoying as an apprentice, but she matured and became a great warrior, mother and deputy.

1) Crowfeather!

Crowfeather is a prickly, defensive cat. But he has a heart of gold and he is so good to Feathertail and Leafpool.
He’s a good cat and reading Crowfeather’s Trial has made me love him even more. He is a great warrior and I just love him.

So that’s my top 10 favourite warriors! Are any of these cats on your list?
Thanks for reading!

-Hornetpaw Out

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