Happy Birthday Scorchpaw!

It’s Scorchpaw/flame’s Birthday!

I hope you have a purr-fect time!!

[image description: a ginger and white cartoon cat holding a green present with a purple bow]


I hope your birthday is going fabulously so far. Let me find you a delicious looking cake 🙂

[image description: a cake covered in chocolate icing and a fire make out of decorations on the top]

Hi Scorch! What have you been doing to celebrate your birthday today? Are you having a party with your family and/or friends? Are you having a birthday cake? Tell us all about your birthday if you’d like in the comments, we’d love to know!! 😀

BlogClan hopes you have a wonderful day! We all love you and adore seeing your comments around the Blog! 💜


(P.S. I’m sorry I didn’t get the email from the form telling me that it was your birthday so I only realised about 20 minutes ago and didn’t have time to make you a gift. 🙁 I’m super sorry about that!)

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🎄🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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