The worst warrior ships (forbidden love edition) by Stormsnarl

Stormsnarl lists some forbidden relationships that could have been better.

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(SPOILERS FOR: Fire and ice, Into The Wild and The last hope), Hi, Stormsnarl here! I’m writing about a very controversial thing so if a ship you like is on here please do not hate in the comments. This is my personal opinion and it should be treated with respect.
Ok staring at number one is-
Graystripe x Silverstream
Ok so PLEASE do not hate on this opinion because I know a lot of people like this ship because it is the first forbidden love we were introduced to and I might be a bit biased because I despise both of these characters. People might think that I hate this ship because it’s forbidden love well I don’t. I hate this ship because they pulled out the blandest character as a very interesting character’s mate. I mean Silverstream has NO personality while Graystripe is packed full of it. I find it strange how they fell in love because Silverstream saved Graystripe even though ANY cat would save Graystripe if he was drowning unless they were a villain. I feel like they could have given a much better way for them to fall in love, but that never happens.

OH BOY ANOTHER ARC 1 SHIP. A lot of people like this ship and many people have made animations about this ship, I think those animations are great! Just it is very exaggerated. Spottedleaf died near the beginning of the first arc and Firestar lived up til The Last Hope. You may be wondering why this is important and I will explain why. Whenever we are in Firestar’s point of view and he sees Spottedleaf he will Immediately bring up how much he missed her and that he loved her. But this dragged out through six entire books. Any time written after that we completely forget Spottedleaf exists. So why is this important? Well clearly Their love meant a lot to Firestar (and the Erins) but it wasn’t really important to Firestar’s chapters. We could go all six books without the Fire x Spotted ship. Of course, the chapter that Firestar grieved wouldn’t exist, right? Their love wouldn’t exist, and Firestar’s chapters would be boring without him grieving. WRONG Many cats grieved over Spottedleafs death even if Spottedleaf wasn’t one of their love interests. This Means Firestar’s grieving chapter would still exist and Firestar DID have a love interest around Fire and Ice. Sandstorm!

That’s all folks! Lemme know how you felt about this blog. Did you agree with me? Did you disagree with me?
Comment it! I would love to know your opinion on it all!

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  • 🎄☃ Christmas Lion who can't wait for our lord and savior to be born ☃🎄 ✝🦁 Lionclaw 🦁✝ (He/Him) says:

    good article

  • Great article Stormsnarl! (I LOVE your name by the way🐺)
    I too dislike Spotted X Fire- I think it was very rushed (and let’s not talk about the age gap)
    I personally ship Silver X Gray though I respect your (and everyone else’s) opinion!

  • Great article! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO ACKNOWLEDGES THAT GRAY X SILVER IS A BLAND SHIP! Plus, please don’t get offender Gray x Silver shippers, but THE ROMANCE WAS SUPER RUSHED.

    • Literally. She saved him, he started flirting with her. She was sassy and rude whatever. But then the next time they met, they were in love, and Silverstream’s sassy attitude was forgotten. It was WAY to rushed. Personally, I don’t like neither Greystripe or Silverstream. I might have liked Silverstream more if her attitude hadn’t gone away.

  • Lilypaw/pelt who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes and Christmas! Happy holidays! (A.K.A. Cricketleap and Brightmoon) says:

    Great article!

  • I hate SpottedXFire too it’s stupid and unnecessary. I like GrayXSilver mainly because I hate Millie but it’s not the best ship I’ve ever seen

  • Great article, Storm! I hate SpottedXFire. It’s annoying how their relationship just drags on after the briefest time together.

    But I strongly disagree on GrayXSilver. I agree, Graystripe has a lot of personality! He is funny and loyal. But Silverstream also has personality!!! She is brave, loyal, sassy, firm in her beliefs, arrogant, loving, fearless and BEAUTIFUL. I love her so much. She is a complex character who many hate for the craziest of reasons. One cat hates get for being boring and lacking a personality and others hate her for being a “Mary Sue” or being “spoiled” or being “arrogant.” Silverstream is spoiled because that’s how her dad raised her, she isn’t a Mary Sue because that would require her actually having a personality wouldn’t it? And apparently she doesn’t have one. And she isn’t selfish bc if she was then why would she have spared Fireheart in a battle because of her love for Graystripe? Anyway, sorry about that. Great article Stormsnarl!

    And yes, Silverstream does bring out my bad side 😛

  • I think Silver x Gray could’ve been great if Silverstream didn’t die so early. They could’ve been a pretty likeable duo! Graystripe was a great foil to Silverstream’s snarkiness, and there was definitely stuff between them we didn’t see.
    I agree with SpottedFire, though. That kind of sucked. I mean, I like Spottedleaf because she was a good medicine cat. But really? Firepaw gets a crush in two seconds. That’s not a healthy start to a relationship.

  • Great article! I’d love to see your opinion on more of these! I h a t e SpottedxFire, partly because I love FirexSand, but also because they had like 2 conversations with each other. She literally just smelled good. As for GrayxSilver… I’m neutral. But I’ll have you all know that I only cried for like 5 minutes the first time I read the scene where she died 😛

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