[image description: an orange cat looks curiously at the viewer. the cat is surrounded by tall grass and has a light collar with "Rusty" written on it]

Top 5 best leaders by Vinepaw

Vinepaw lists who they think are the best leaders in the series.

Art by GrayPillow
[image description: an orange cat looks curiously at the viewer. the cat is surrounded by tall grass and has a light collar with “Rusty” written on it]

Heyo fellow kitties it is me. The one and only Vinepaw. I would say what number article this is that I’ve wrote but I’ve lost count! I do have a couple articles under Slothclaw and Cherrymoon. Annnyyywwwaayyysss…
Today I’m talking about top 5 greatest leaders in my opinion.

1. Tallstar
Ok so whoever has read Tallstar’s revenge you may know dear dear Tallstars back story. Anyway Tallstar is a good leader. He respects his clan. In TNP I cried when Tallstar died. His choice of the deputy was ehhh…
Anyway he and Jake were very very close friends this close》 | |
It said in the Manga in Tallstar’s revenge it said “Just looking at Firestar I know he was related to Jake. They look so alike. He was like a son of mine.” Something like that.

2. Crookedstar
First point to make is that Crookedstar was barely included in TPB it was like up to the point of the battle between Tigerstar that he died. HE COULD HAVE DONE MUCH MORE. Anyway in Crookedstar’s promise. Mapleshade trained him in the DF but when he stopped training with her she took away his mate and two of his kits I think. But when Silverstream died Mapleshade was like your payment has been complete. Nooooo poor Crookedstar.

3. Firestar
Well duh of course this is one of the top fives he like saved the forest from Tigerstar. He survived TPB, TNP, POT,OOTS and then he got crushed by a tree. But his death was cheesy because the tree set on fire and then crushed him. So it was Fire killed Tiger then Fire tree killed Fire.

4. Thunderstar
You know from Dawn of the clans? Anyways he was the original leader of Thunderclan. His father was Skystar and his mother was Storm he was raised by Grauwing because his father didn’t want him and his mother died in a house fire. Anyways Thunder leaves Skyclan because his father is not treating him respect so he leaves to make a new clan.
Then later when Graywing is about to die he is like: Shadowclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, and Clear sky should lead Skyclan. And then COUGH cough cough Graywing’s dead.

5. Mistystar
She is a great leader. She is half-clan because of OakxBlue. And she is very supportive.

Ok bye bye kitties! JayxStick forever!!!!
-Peace! ✌️🐱

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  • Ok, so it’s a common misconception that Firestar was killed by a tree. A tree DID fall, but Firestar died from wounds, not from being crushed by a burning tree.

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