Frecklewish with a headshot of her injuries after being bitten by a snake]

Frecklewish: Dark Forest or Not? by Mapleshine

Mapleshine discusses whether Frecklewish should be in the Dark Forest or not.

Art by theDawnmist
[image description: orange cat with light and dark orange markings and orange eyes. a headshot of the cat is in the top left corner that shows the cat looking upset and with several scars on its face and clouded eyes. “Frecklewish (ThunderClan)” is printed above its back. “after snake bite, days before death” is printed below the headshot]

Heylo! Today, I will be talking about Miss Frecklewish: Should she go to the DF, or not?
So, first, I’ll discuss what bad things she has done: What is so bad that SC rejected her? Then, I’ll say whether or not I think she should go in the DF. Lastly, I will be stating my own personal opinion on Frecklewish’s character: Do I like her? Ok now, let’s get started!
What Freckle has done:
Alright, let’s see: What did Miss Freckle do? First, we know that she asked Mapleshade if Birchface was the father, Maple said nothing, and Freckle told her clanmates that he was the father anyways. This isn’t breaking the code, but it IS lying to her own clanmates, before the answer was justified. (Which is what Oakstar the Jerk blames Poor Maple for.) Second, Miss Freckle attacked Mapleshade, her own clanmate, after she found out Birchy wasn’t the father of the kits. I don’t remember if this is against the code or not, but I know it is wrong, bad, and punishable. Lastly, Miss Freckle watched Maple’s kits drown. So, in her defense, it was raining, there was a thunderstorm, and the river was so big it could fit boats in it. It is pretty impossible for her to see. Also, when she is dying, she claims that she didn’t mean for the kits to drown. Now, oc she could have been lying, but to me, it sounded sincere. Then again, she is in the DF, so she might have been lying.
So: Should she deserve the DF?
I think…kind of. I mean, she attacked Mapleshade, watched her kits drown, and lied to her own clanmates. But, all in all, we don’t know if she meant for the kits to drown or not, so it’s all still a mystery. But personally, if SC sent her there, there must have been a reason. (Even though SC kind of sucks, tbh.)
Now: My opinion on her:
She’s…meh. I like her, and I don’t. She was interesting, but she was stupid. She blindly assumed Evil Birchy was the father, and just told everyone without any real proof. So…yeah. That’s the end of the article.
Hope you enjoyed! Tell me your opinions in the comments! Bye! <3333333
-May Starclan light your path…

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  • Really interesting article! I didn’t really give too much thought to Frecklewish before this article!

    • Well, I think that Mapleshade 10000000% DOES NOT deserve the Dark Forest, and then she could be reunited with her kits and (maybe??) her mate. But I think that Frecklewish absolutely DOES deserve the Dark Forest!! She attacked a Clanmate, which is a violation of the warrior code, and let THREE kits DIE!! One of the most important laws of the warrior code is to always help kits to the best of your ability, regardless of the Clan, and she COMPLETELY IGNORED THAT!!!!!! I was SO angry when she let them die (yes, I AM a Mapleshade supporter!!) and that was really the reason that Mapleshade went to the DF: Avenging her kits! It’s just not fair and I WISH that she could be in StarClan!!!!!!

      • Mapleshade MURDERED 3 cats, while Frecklewish’s only crimes were, let’s see, attacking Mapleshade in rage after learning Mapleshade mislead her to believe that her DEAD BROTHER was the father of her kits and that her brother’s murderer was the actual dad, POSSIBLY saw Mapleshade’s kits drown, and attack Mapleshade when Mapleshade antagonized her for something the serial murderer didn’t even know if it was true.

      • Also, pretty sure Maple and Apple stopped being mates when Maple realized the guy was cheating on her and murdered him like two days later.

  • Great article, I don’t think she should be in the DF. I’ll go reason by reason.
    1. She lied to her clan about the father of Mapleshade’s kits: no, Mapleshade lied to her clan about the father of Mapleshade’s kits. Frecklewish had no way of knowing that Birchface wasn’t the father. Mapleshade lied to her and she believed it
    2. She attacked Mapleshade: Frecklewish just found out that Mapleshade, a cat she had been treating like a sister, just lied to her and married her brother’s murderer. Can you blame her?
    3: she watched the kits drown: we have no proof of this. She said she left before she saw them get rescued, but she saw the RiverClan patrol and assumed they’d be taken care of. Even if she did watch, it was pouring rain and a flood. No one would have heard her call for help. Plus, her brother drowned. theres probably some serious trauma and/or PTSD from that. If she jumped in the water, she probably would have drowned!

  • Great article! Frecklewish shouldn’t be in the DF, considering ASHFUR AND RAINFLOWER made it into Starclan.

  • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

    PART 1 Because too long
    Great article! I disagree with some parts ;w;
    First off, Freckle didn’t lie to her Clanmates, she asked Mapleshade, then Maple said nothing, then asked if she was right, then Maple said nothing again. THEN she went to her Clanmates. That’s misleading. Maple mislead Frecklewish. You can’t really say she lied to her Clanmates when in all the MOONS the kits spent in ThunderClan Maple never said a thing. Here’s what she tells Freckle when the grieving sister asks her, by the way:
    “You have answered my prayers, Frecklewish”, she mewed softly. “My kits and I are no longer alone.”
    (Page 16, Mapleshade’s Vengeance)
    So she not only does not deny it but implies (‘alone’, she was just asked if their father was Birchface, a dead tom.)
    And here:
    “You have made her feel as if life is worth living again”, he [Ravenwing] commented. “She took the loss of her brother hard.”
    Mapleshade buried her muzzle in the soft, damp fur of her kits. “These kits are my gift to the whole of ThunderClan”, she murmured.
    (Page 18 of MV)
    And here, Oakstar told Mapleshade he was kin to the kits and ‘if only Birchface could see them’. She replies: “I’m sure he’s watching from StarClan”, page 20. This is misleading.

  • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

    PART 2
    “Where are the kits?” he [Nettlepaw] whispered. “Are they in RiverClan?”
    (page 50 of MV)
    Okay, so…Nettlepaw is the cat who says “Frecklewish saw what happened in the river”. If he doesn’t know the kits drowned, Frecklewish probably doesn’t either. It was a storm. If Mapleshade couldn’t swim, neither could Frecklewish, and it’s worth noting that Maple was much closer to the kits than she – who wasn’t even in the river, and we don’t even know how far from the river she was – was. Maple’s brother also hadn’t drowned, so it’s very likely that Freckle held some trauma.
    Aaand, for the attack thing, back then half-Clan relationships were something horrible, and Maple had mated with who, as far as Freckle knows, was her brother’s murderer, not to add Maple had mislead/said to the Clan Birchface was the father of Appledusk’s kits. I can’t really blame Freckle for attacking her- Plus, Oakstar, who was much more envolved than she was, went to StarClan with no problem!
    I suggest Moonkitti’s video about it for all those who are interested ;D

  • I know I’m super late, but I agree with you. By the way, even though Mapleshade didn’t say anything, she still DID nod her head.

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