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Taylor Swift Songs as Warriors by Splashfeather

Splashfeather gives purrsonas to Taylor Swift songs.

Source: US Magazine
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Hi BlogClan! Splashpaw/feather back again! Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the queen Taylor Swift (I’ve always been obsessed with her, but even more so now because of the Taylor’s Versions and her about-to-come out album Midnights) and I wanted to do an article on her. So, without further ado, Taylor Swift Songs/Albums as Warriors!

Let’s start from the beginning: Taylor Swift, otherwise known as “Debut”
Picture to Burn: Flamedream- Based off the lyrics “burn” and “fantasy”, Flamedream is a dark ginger she-cat with slim electric blue eyes rimmed with black (like Taylor’s) and lighter pale ginger accents on her face, paws, and stomach.

Next, her second album and my third favorite, Fearless
Forever and Always: I kinda like Foreverrain- Based off the lyrics “forever and always” and “it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong”, Foreverrain is a dark, smoky blue she-cat with sad with lively electric blue eyes.

We’re going to skip Speak Now because I don’t know that one as well, so here’s my very favorite, Red
All Too Well: Autumnbreeze- based off the lyrics “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place” and “the air was cold (…) wind in my hair, I was there.” Autumnbreeze is a fluffy, russet-color tabby she-cat with orange and rep splotches dappling her face, sides, and tail. She has piercing, cold electric blue eyes with dark rims.

And one more before the night ends: Lover
ME!: Rainbowblossom- Based off the lyrics “like a rainbow with all of the colors” and the flowers repeatedly shown throughout the music video and album. Rainbowblossom- or Rainblossom for short- is a lilac kittypet she-cat with a sparkling, diamond-studded rainbow collar, and huge, innocent but feisty and mischievous sparkling blue eyes.

And now, for an added bonus…the personalities/backstories!

Flamedream- A she-cat with a broken heart, Flamedream wants nothing more than to dis her ex and prove she’s still standing strong after the end of the relationship. She’s fierce, sad on the inside, and strong.
Foreverrain- /Also/ a she-cat with a broken heart, the tom of her dreams, the Clan deputy, broke up with her after a long trip. It only took him 27 seconds to do it. Foreverrain is fragile and broken, and believes her whole world is blue. How could he do this to her? She’s grieving, sad, and heartbroken, but also just done with him. And so, she moves on.
Autumnbreeze- /Another/ she-cat with a broken-heart. Autumnbreeze was completely destroyed when he dumped her. Maybe if they had been closer in age, he said. Sure, maybe he was a warrior when she was a kit. Sure, maybe it was creepy. But..hadn’t it been true love? Autumn was destroyed, shattered when her dumped her…but now, maybe alone was better. And she was out for revenge.
Rainblossom- Surprisingly, not a she-cat with a broken heart. Rainbowblossom is full of life and love, and she’s joyous and bouncy. She tries to live life to the fullest, but she also knows self-care is important. She lives to treat herself first, but she still has a kind and open heart towards others. Who doesn’t need a little “ME” time?

If you’re reading this, you finished it! Yay! Congrats! Sorry it was so long. Thanks so much for reading, BlogClan, and I’ll see you in the next article!
Splashy, out!

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