[image description: mistyfoot, thistleclaw, brambleclaw, firepaw, and ravenpaw are depicted with literal representations of their names]

Extreme Warrior Names by Cricketpaw

Cricketpaw makes jokes about warrior names drawn literally.

Art by iycewing

Hello!!! It’s Cricketpaw! I am going to pull up pictures of extreme warrior names and make jokes (I guess). Anyway, let’s start!

Art by iycewing

Help! Jayfeather, grab a bucket of water! We need a bucket of water to put out Flametail! Oh no! He’s drowning! Too much water!
Let’s hope that Cloudtail doesn’t float into the sky.
Feathertail is so pretty! No wonder Crowfeather fell for her.
Longtail’s tail probably gets caught on bushes and stuck on everything. He’s the new Squirrelflight! (In case no one got that, Squirrelflight gets stuck in various bushes in the new prophecy.)
Let’s hope that Talltail/star doesn’t get electrocuted during a storm. I wonder if his tail is a lightning rod.

Art by iycewing

Featherwhisker is so pretty. All of the she-cats are probably in love with him. Wait! That’s forbidden!
We need some herbs for Turtle Tail! A turtle’s biting her!
Oh no! Adderfang is being attacked by an adder. Run away! Ahhh! It’s still attacking him!
Cool tail, Hazeltail.
Get up Boulder! You’re just sitting around like a rock.

Art by iycewing

Stormtail and Stormfur are floating away! I think they’re best buds now.
Whitewing is a pegasus now. Look at those beautiful white wings. Don’t worry, she can fetch Cloudtail, Stormtail, and Stormfur.
Beetlenose is freaking out! Keep calm, Beetlenose. It’s just a beetle on your face.
(I can’t read what it says so sorry if I get it wrong). Yellowfang has her own company! Yellowfang’s fang yellower! StarClan approved.

Art by iycewing

Guys. A sparrow is flying away with Sparrowtail. I’m not joking! Everyone’s obsessed with their own little problems while Sparrowtail is being taken! Whitewing!
Can I have a mouse Mousewhisker? Please? With that many mice you could feed the Clan, though that would probably hurt.
Come on, Toadfoot! Lets hop to it! Let’s hit the road, toad!
Lightningtail, be careful! You’re electrocuting Sparkpelt! Those two belong together. Larksong better watch out!

Art by iycewing

Oh no! Mistyfoot’s melting! Someone help her! Oh. Never mind! She’s alright!
Everybody better watch out! Brambleclaw’s an even fiercer warrior now that he has brambles for claws.
Same for Thistleclaw! He’ll like that. Everyone will be so afraid to be hurt by the prickles that no one would dare question him again! That’ll make his ego bigger for sure.
Oh no! Someone help Ravenpaw! He is actually flying away! It’s more severe than Sparrowtail! Whitewing! We need you again!
Firepaw was walking on sunshine and got too close to the actual sun! Jayfeather, we need more water! But more like a puddle this time.

That is that. I hoped you liked it and had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. I hope that this is above 350 words long, not including the links. I gotta go and write some more! Cricketpaw out!

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