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Reasons Why Ferncloud Should Get More Love by Cinderpaw

Cinderpaw shares why Ferncloud should be loved more by the fandom.

[image description: a grey cat with green eyes and dark grey markings is lying down facing the right and smiles. "M.JAY" is signed on a green mark underneath its front legs]
Art by marymsjay-warriors-art (tumblr)
[image description: a grey cat with green eyes and dark grey markings is lying down facing the right and smiles. “M.JAY” is signed on a green mark underneath its front legs]

Hi! I’m Cinderpaw and this is my first article I’ve ever written! I hope you like it!

For some reason a lot of people don’t like Ferncloud. Here are the reasons I see a lot:
She’s a baby machine
She just sits in the nursery and does nothing while the rest of the clan works hard
She’s “useless”

Well I don’t agree with any of those. Yes, she did have a lot of kits, but look at Snowbird! She had 9! Ferncloud only had 7. The only reason she is a permanent nursery queen is because thats what she loves. Also, think about the medicine cats. People don’t hate them! But they don’t fight or patrol! So why hate Daisy and Ferncloud? Medicine cats do what they love, which is healing the clan. (well, most of them) Ferncloud is also not useless. She brings kits into the clan and they grow up and defend their clan. So she is actually very useful.

She went through a lot during her life. She lost her mother when Tigerstar killed her just so the dogs could get a taste for cat, her son, Shrewpaw died when he was an apprentice, 2 of her kits died from starvation from her 2nd litter, and then her brother was murdered. I believe her daughter, Icecloud also died before she did, but I’m not completely sure. She was very brave as she died defending Brightheart and her kits from Brokenstar.

I also want to share a little part from The Last Hope, after Ferncloud died, because when I read this, it just broke my heart.

And the brightest beam of moonlight landed on Fernclouds body, lying motionless beside the nursery.
“Why is Ferncloud asleep?” Amberkit asked, popping her head up.
“She’s tired after all the fighting, silly.” mewed Dewkit beside her. He pricked his ears as Dustpelt pounded into camp. “Dustpelt will wake her up.”
“Is it over? the tabby warrior stumbled to a halt, following the gaze of his clanmates toward his mate’s body. “Ferncloud?” He stiffened. “Ferncloud!” he raced to her and tugged at her pelt with a frantic paw.

And that is why I think Ferncloud deserves more love. Cinderpaw out! *drops mic*

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  • FernCloud has always been one of my favorite underrated characters!! Her death scene was one of the few that really tugged on my heart :’( This is a really lovely article!!

    I’ve always hated that permaqueens have been called lazy or useless :[ It makes me think a lot of my mom, who’s been stay at home and a homeschooling teacher ever since I (the eldest of her children) started my education. She hasn’t had an out of the home/out of the family career since I was born, and because of that she’s constantly being told that she “doesn’t have a real job”, “isn’t contributing to society,” or is made out to be a waste of space by people who don’t even know her. Let this be a call to action to give our permaqueens, real or fictional, the love and respect they deserve- and remember that not all jobs are there to make money or put food on the table.

    • Pantherfrost/Pantherpaw-Call me Panthi! Read my fan-fic, Winter's Return: Lurking Shadows!(previously Shadowmoon, Frostpaw/moon, AND Cresentpaw/shadow) says:

      omg im sorry your mom is being treated like that! and I agree, we should give more respect to the permaqueens!

  • Ugh that scene at the ending… I was heartbroken. I love Ferncloud and I don’t see how people can hate her. Great article!

  • Ferncloud is such a lovely character! Permanent queens are NOT useless, and Ferncloud doesn’t deserve the hate she gets! (And Daisy doesn’t deserve hate either!)

    Raise a glass to freedom