[image description: headshot of a tortoiseshell cat with light green eyes and an excited expression]

I Tried The Warrior Cats Favorite Picker! by Forest

Forest shares their opinion on characters included in the Warrior Cats Favourite Picker.

[image description: headshot of a tortoiseshell cat with light green eyes and an excited expression]
Art by ghostfeather14
[image description: headshot of a tortoiseshell cat with light green eyes and an excited expression]

My Top Fifteen Favorite Warrior Cats!
Hello! I’m Forestshade / Shaded Forest / Forest! This is my first article so I decided to start with something simple, my favorite warrior cats! But with a twist! To do this, I used an amazing free website that anyone can use called the Warrior Cats Favorite Picker! (Link to that will be at the bottom of the article.) Basically, it will show you different cats and you can click on characters you like and slowly it will show you less and less characters until you have a list of your favorites. It certainly takes a while but it’s super fun!
I would just like to mention 2 things really quickly! 1. I haven’t read manga, so any characters that act differently or are terrible cats in those books I didn’t know, this goes off of the normal books! And 2. That I respect all opinions on your favorites and understand that not everyone will agree. All I ask is that you be respectful of my opinions and others! Thanks! Also since I used the picker these aren’t completely accurate even though I do like these guys!
#15 Spiderleg – I don’t like how he ignored his kits Toadstep and Rosepetal, but his story was really interesting in my opinion, even though he’s just a background character.
#14 Hollyleaf – Her personality wasn’t consistent but I loved her story. How she wanted so badly to find out her power and be included in the Prophecy and then her rage when she realized that she was half-Clan and not part of the Prophecy at all. Then how she returned and made peace with her family and came to terms with the fact that she wasn’t special how she wanted to be, but that she was amazing in her own way.
#13 Rileypool – I like how she was independent and determined to become a SkyClan apprentice despite her kittypet birth. Even though she’s never mentioned that much except for in Ravenpaw’s novella, I like her.
#12 Ryestalk – She was a background character in Tallstar’s Revenge and I don’t know why but I just took to her character. You know those random characters you don’t know why you love but you do? That’s Ryestalk for me!
#11 Longtail and Mousefur – I know that these are two different characters, but in my opinion they’re a package deal! I liked how they both opposed Bluestar when she accepted Firestar into the Clan and then begrudgingly began to accept him and then together became respected and loved elders. They are both awesome! I love Mousefurs grumpiness as an elder and Longtails’ unending patience.
#10 Wind Runner – I like her because she made a lot of mistakes but still became a strong leader. She treated Moth Flight horribly at first and was rude to Gray Wing but she made up with both of them and always made up for her other mistakes. (I don’t remember any prominent bad things about her other than those two, but it’s been a while since I read DoTC so I might do a re-read soon!)
#9 Sasha – I enjoyed the few on-screen moments we got of her in the arcs. I liked her sharp tongue and determination when she was caught by Twolegs and how she wanted what was best for her kits even if it meant her never seeing them again.
#8 Snowbird – Another one of the characters I can’t help but like! She’s Ratscars’ littermate and I realized in A Vision of Shadows just how old she was. She had three litters of kits! One when her brother was an elder!
#7 Jayfeather – Honestly, I thought this one would end up higher on the list but the background characters ended up becoming more popular than I expected! Anyone, I know that a lot of people really like Jayfeather, and it’s probably because he’s one that you really want to root for. He’s always frustrated with other cats putting him down because of his blindness. His grumpiness is something some people don’t like but when you learn to see the love for his Clanmates and Clan behind it you can’t help but like Jayfeather!
#6 Purdy – It’s hard to dislike him honestly! He’s the funny old man that always has a story and a smile!
#5 Brightheart – She was one of the characters with disabilities that actually felt a little sorry for herself unlike Jay and Briar. I thought it was interesting to see someone actually show their sadness openly. It was cool how Cloudtail helped her learn to love herself and still be a warrior. I also really liked how much she loved and supported her kits.
#4 Russetfur – She’s one of the few cats that isn’t remembered for her roots. She came to the Clans as one of the rogues in the Twolegplace. Her father was Hal meaning she was related to Brokenstar and Raggedstar. I thought it was cool how she wasn’t evil like Brokenstar or rude like Raggedstar, but instead determined, courageous and loyal.
#3 Breezepelt – Okay! Okay! I know he fought in the Dark Forest, he wasn’t a good cat, he was terrible to his father and half-siblings..I know, I know! But a cat doesn’t necessarily have to be morally good to be a cool character. I thought it was neat how he was a non-protagonist with a lot of development. Breezepelt literally never had an actual POV, but he got so much work done with him. I thought it was interesting to see his story from many different eyes throughout the series.
#2 – Gremlin – I loved her as soon as I read Graystripe’s Vow and Frostkits article (which you should totally go check out) I loved her even more! She was brave in her own way. Even though she was constantly scared, she held her feelings back to do what was best for her kits and others.
#1 – Monkeystar! – Probably not the cat you were expecting but I just thought she was super cute and innocent! I am probably the most pro-background character person ever but I always love their little quirks and relationships, it’s so cool! And Monkeystar is by far my favorite.

Well, thank you so much for reading this article! It took me over an hour to write, although I enjoyed making it, and I hope that you enjoyed reading!Don’t forget to go check out Frostkit’s article about Gremlin and the warrior cat’s favorite picker!
Link To The Picker: https://wcpicker.neocities.org/picker.html

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