[image description: a tortoiseshell cat peeks out from behind ferns and grass]

Spottedleaf will always be a plot device to me by Drizzledash

Drizzledash shares their opinion Spottedleaf.

[image description: a tortoiseshell cat peeks out from behind ferns and grass]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[image description: a tortoiseshell cat peeks out from behind ferns and grass]

Here is why I think she shouldn’t even be a med.cat

We first meet Spottedleaf as a beautiful med. cat who, tells, the bold leader Bluestar about fire coming to save the clan(And the irony here is that fire wouldn’t save anything if it had feelings) and she immediately piques Firestar’s interest and made him find out his sexuality. Yes , he is straight, but uh oh, sadly the supportive female characters gets offed by a gangly warrior named Clawface(He sure doesn’t get game if we infer what his name really means), sheesh, what a good run. When I first heard of Spottedleaf in the prologue, she was actually pretty interesting.

I was like, oh! Here it is, the shining gold, the beauty of the sun shining over the near horizon, the thing we need. A interesting female character. But, sadly, you could see my utter horror, when Rusty(One of my fav characters) takes a step into the real world to man up actually meets her. She’s nothing like in the prologue! She’s super quiet, like wow, why you tryna imitate me!? And is only there for Fireheart’s satisfaction(They did my boy dirty man, they did him dirty, turned him into a soyboy simp) and only skimppers around when he’s there, alowing him to think he’s an alpha male there.

And then she gets merked by my man clawface. She dead! Just, like seconds ago, we saw this horrible shell of potential get offed , in her own clan, like didn’t anyone hear her, or was my man clawface super quiet, or Spottedleaf is so quiet, to the point that she can even raise her voice high enough.

And the sad thing, though, after her death, Firestar sheds some droplets and continues pissing on the pages…like as though nothing happened! And her death even helped the book go foward, like as though she was meant for that! Like , well, I can’t really blame the Erins, my girl didn’t really give off enough epic vibes, she just became Rem 2.0.

And even though she’s dead, Firestar(Oh they did him DIRTY in weaknesses) still swoons over her, like a downright pathetic simp! Like, why!? SHe’s dead my boy, move on with your

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