[image description: cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]

Giving MCU characters warrior names by Icemist

Icemist gives warrior names to characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[image description: cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]
Art by jeyparksart (etsy)
[image description: cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]

Hi! I’m Icemist, and today I will be giving Marvel characters warrior names! (Exactly what the title is. Right…) Um anyways, so similar to my article about giving Kotlc characters warrior names, I will be writing a little about each character in case people haven’t watched Marvel(in which case I highly recommend it cuz it’s the best thing ever created). There are going to be spoilers for everything released, so watch out! So, I’m gonna start with the person who started it all….

Btw I used this to help me! https://www.deviantart.com/sparkythewingedcat/art/Warrior-Cats-Name-Dictionary-MOVED-474092747

Tony Stark!!! (aka Iron Man)

As my brother likes to say, Tony Stark is literally a billionaire in a suit. So yes, he’s a billionaire but also a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally smart inventor, who creates weapons and tests them. His father Howard Stark started the Stark Industries, and passed it on to his son. So basically he gets kidnapped by terrorists who make him create a really dangerous weapon(forgot what it was called), but instead he built this really cool suit that makes him super strong, he can fly, lots of weapons, and a bunch of other little things. So yeah.

I feel like Finch because a Finch is sarcastic & smart like Tony, and then storm, because he was brave when he sacrificed himself. So Finchstorm? Another would could be Finchstrike, or Finchblaze.

Steve Rogers! (aka Captain America)

Now this guy, he’s like the head of Avengers. Literally. He’s got his leader personality, I love it! Anyways, basically, it’s 1941 and Steve Rogers tries to join the Army, but he’s kind of weak at the moment so he gets rejected. Then he got accepted into an experimental program where he turned into a super soldier(someone who’s really really strong) and then at the end of his intro movie he gets frozen into ice for about 70 years. Yeah…. Not exactly what most people would have expected, but it’s Marvel 🙂

Ok, I like Fire, Lion, or Red for his prefix, because they’re all about loyalty & bravery, and that stuff. Maybe stone or heart for the suffix? Yeah idk, none of the suffixes really fit Captain that well. So maybe Lionstone or Redheart? Or Fire-something. What do you guys think?

Thor Odinson!(aka Thor)

So Thor is the king of Asgard, and he is the God of Thunder, God of Sky, & God of Agriculture. (OMG I JUST FOUND THAT OUT!! AGRICULTURE?? LOL that’s so un-Thor-like… Did anyone else know that?) Anyways, I feel like this doesn’t need much explanation, because they’re gods, so yeah.

Thunderstorm. Yes I know, lovely name. It’s literally so creative, I’m sure no one has ever thought of that before. Or Lightningstorm. 😀

Bruce Banner! (aka Hulk)

Bruce was the victim of an experiment gone wrong, and then he turned into Hulk. So basically he’s this big, green, strong, & angry guy who loves smashing things. He’s very aggressive.. So when Bruce gets mad(or something like that), he turns into Hulk.

So I’m thinking Badger or Hawk for the prefix, since they are both strong & aggressive creatures, but Hawk too because hawks are also smart, and Bruce is literally the smartest person when he’s not hulk. (Ok side note, but who else thinks that Smart Hulk is the best idea ever created!! I LOVE IT) Anyways, for the suffix, beam or flame could work, showing the other side of Hulk, and smart & nice one. So Badgerbeam, Hawkbeam, Badgerflame, or Hawkflame?

Natasha Romanoff! (aka Black Widow)

So, Natasha was recruited by the Soviet Intelligence(bad), and trained to become a very skilled fighter. But she got rescued by Steve & Logan(Wolverine) after she got kidnapped by some person(I think that’s what happened?) Anyways, then she became an avenger along with everyone else.

Ember or Dusk for the prefix, because they are both about braveness & smartness, which are some of her heroic traits. Then I think whisper or moon because she can be secretive & stealthy sometimes. So Emberwhisper, Embermoon, Duskwhisper, or Duskmoon? I’m thinking Embermoon or Duskwhisper..

Clint Barton!(aka Hawkeye)

So Hawkeye is really skilled with a bow & arrow, that’s why he is called Hawkeye because he “has a Hawk’s eye” for archery. I guess. Anyways, I haven’t finished watching Hawkeye, so I’m using the internet for his backstory.. So he was raised in a circus, trained by criminals, and grew from his troubled backstory… I guess like Tony & Natasha, he doesn’t have any actual power, but is just really skilled, so yeah.

Honestly Hawkeye would be a very fitting name. The prefix Hawk fits him perfectly. But for this, I’ll find a different suffix. Maybe swoop or stalk? I think I like Hawkswoop.

I’ve decided to add a bonus of Loki since I love him and he’s one of my favorite characters 😀

Loki Laufeyson!(aka Loki! <3)

So Loki was actually a frost giant! He was abandoned by his father Laufey, and Odin found him & adopted him. He used his magic to make Loki Asgardian, and raised him as his son. Loki is also a god of trickery, which I love, because he gets additional powers like multiple hims, and other things.

I feel like Vine could work for him, since vines really twist around and Loki backstabs people a lot, (cough thor cough). Maybe stem or wind for the suffix. So Vinestem or Vinewind.

So that’s gonna be it for this article! I’ve only done the first 6, and Loki, but later on eventually I might make a Part 2 & Part 3. I hope you guys enjoyed it and comment if you think I should make a Part 2! Byee!

Submitted 9/13/22

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