[image description: an elderly dark grey cat with blue eyes looks to the right at a fluffy silver cat with blue eyes, a sleek black cat with yellow eyes, and a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes]

Who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan, and will his choice return his feelings? by Leaflight

Leaflight wonders who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan.

[image description: an elderly dark grey cat with blue eyes looks to the right at a fluffy silver cat with blue eyes, a sleek black cat with yellow eyes, and a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes]
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[image description: an elderly dark grey cat with blue eyes looks to the right at a fluffy silver cat with blue eyes, a sleek black cat with yellow eyes, and a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes]

Hi, it’s Leaflight! I submitted this article earlier this year, but it got cut off so I’m submitting it again! Here, I’ll be talking about a strongly debated topic – who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan.

First of all, after the events of Crowfeather’s Trial, we can all agree that he won’t end up with Nightcloud. They will gladly remain friends.

Next, Feathertail. A lot of the different reasons why Feathertail isn’t Crowfeather’s true love is because of the age gap between them. It’s confirmed that if Feathertail lived, their relationship wouldn’t have worked out, since Crowfeather – Crowpaw at the time, was still an apprentice. Another reason why this relationship wouldn’t work out is because Feathertail walks in two skies, StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. If Crowfeather did choose her in StarClan, he would have to spend half of his time waiting for her to visit the Clan’s resting place. Lastly, Feathertail gives her blessing to Crowfeather, telling him to love other cats and to not be blinded by the rest of the world.

” ‘I thought we left you with the Tribe of Endless Hunting, ‘ Leafpaw meowed. Feathertail shook her head. ‘I walk in two skies now, with the Tribe’s ancestors as well as my own. But wherever I am, I shall never forget the Clans.’ She hesitated for a moment, then added, ‘Especially Crowfeather.’
‘He misses you very much. He chose his warrior name for you.’
‘Yes, I was watching, ‘ Feathertail purred. ‘I was so proud. He will make a great warrior.’ She bent close to Leafpaw again, her warm breath stirring the apprentice’s fur. ‘Tell him not to grieve. I will always love him, but there will be many, many moons before we meet again. For now, he must live with his Clanmates in their new home. He cannot be blind to the cats who are around him for all that time.” Starlight, pg. 264.

There’s also another quote in Twilight, ” ‘I’m a medicine cat!’ Leafpool protested. Her fur tingled with delight that Feathertail wasn’t angry – more than that, she seemed to want Leafpool and Crowfeather to be together – but she knew it was more complicated than that. ‘I wish I could make him happy, but I can’t.’ ” Twilight, pg.91-92.

These two quotes prove that Feathertail does approve of Crowpool, and that she does walk in two skies.

Now that we’ve established that both Feathertail and NIghtcloud would be unlikely choices for Crowfeather, this is why I think he’ll pick Leafpool!

First, of all, Leafpool made Crowfeather love again after Feathertail’s death. She healed his heart and made him start to open up to the outside world again. There’s also many instances of where Crowfeather still loves Leafpool even after they both return to their respective Clans.

In Crowfeather’s Trial, it states that all of Crowfeather’s warmth and affection for Leafpool threatened to well up again inside him, but he ruthlessly pushes it
down to stay loyal to WindClan. This shows that Crowfeather still harbors feelings for Leafpool, but tries to hide it in order to stay loyal. There are many more instances/signs of Crowpool in this book, but let’s move on to Squirrelflight’s Hope!

“Just then, a breathless Crowfeather appeared at her side. ‘Did you say Leafpool is in a cave?’ His blue eyes were wide with alarm, and concern. Of course he was concerned, Squirrelflight realized – they had once been forbidden mates. And while both cats had moved on with their lives, Squirrelflight knew that those feelings never completely went away.” Squirrelflight’s Hope, pg. 325.

This quote proves that both Leafpool and Crowfeather still harbor feelings for each other, and according to Squirrelflight, “never completely went away”.

There’s also another quote in the scene where the Clans are mourning Leafpool’s death, “Beside her, Crowfeather was staring ahead, grimly silent, as though fighting back emotion. She saw his pelt ripple and felt a twinge of pity. Had he loved Leafpool all this time?” Squirrelflight’s Hope, pg. 414.

As the Clans mourn Leafpool’s death, Squirrelflight sees Crowfeather and wonders if he loved Leafpool all this time. This evidence shows that he still loves her.

My last piece of evidence comes from a book where Leafpool and Crowfeather interact where Leafpool is in StarClan. A Light in the Mist!

“Beside him, Leafpool and Crowfeather were talking softly together. He could barely make out the words, but Leafpool’s mew was warmer now than it had been in the Dark Forest, and she was leaning affectionately against the WindClan tom. Had she been waiting for Feathertail to leave? Her mew thickened as she touched her nose to Crowfeather’s ear. ‘Despite everything, I never stopped missing you.’ As Crowfeather touched his nose to Leafpool’s muzzle, Rootspring felt a fresh pang of loss. He’d touched Bristleforst’s muzzle like that once.” A Light in the Mist, pg. 379-380.

This is one of my favorite Crowpool quotes, because it not only shows Crowfeather’s affection for Leafpool, but it shows that Leafpool misses Crowfeather too! This points to her also choosing him in StarClan.

This book also includes Feathertail staring at Crowfeather talking to Leafpool, as if annoyed that he’s standing so close to her. While Crowfeather looks at her with wistfulness, he chooses to talk/reunite with Leafpool, possibly showing who he’ll pick when he gets to StarClan.

So, all of these quotes point to Crowfeather choosing Leafpool in StarClan, and Leafpool choosing him as well! Put any comments or questions in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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  • I totally agree and think he will definitely choose Leafpool. Crowfeather is one of my favorite characters and I love these kind of articles involving him! Wonderful article and Crow X Leaf furever!

  • I totally agree! Also, there is a saying that if somebody/cat choses the second mate, then they should/must love their second mate more than their first mate if they chose the 2nd mate over 1st mate. o0w0o

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