[Dustpelt and Ferncloud laying next to each other]

Examining Ferncloud and Dustpelt by Peanut’paw

Peanut’paw takes a look at Ferncloud and Dustpelt’s relationship.

[image description: a dark tabby cat with orange eyes llies down beside a light grey tabby cat with green eyes who looks to the left]
Art by AnnMY
[image description: a dark tabby cat with orange eyes llies down beside a light grey tabby cat with green eyes who looks to the left]

Hello, everyone! Peanut’Paw here, and in this article I’ll be sharing my opinion on Ferncloud and Dustpelt. Now, please remember this is my opinion. Please don’t bash me for what I think. You’re welcome to tell me why you disagree, but please don’t be rude. Ok, anywho, moving on!
Let’s start from the beginning. Dustpelt is a lithe, heavy, dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.He also has fur around his muzzle that is fading to gray. Dustkit was born to Fuzzypelt and Robinwing, along with Ravenpaw, Brindleface, and Frostfur. He was under the leadership of Bluestar, Firestar, and Bramblestar until he died in the Great Storm. He was apprenticed by Bluestar along with Ravenpaw, Sandstorm, and Graystripe. When Rusty the kittypet comes along, he is…let’s just say disgruntled. He was mentored by Redtail and then by Darkstripe. He bullied Rusty along with Sandpaw, and soon grew close with Longtail, Darkstripe, and Tigerclaw. When the truth was revealed about Tigerclaw, Dustpelt turned against him and remained loyal to his Clan. He mentored Ashfur and became mates with Ferncloud. Ok, let’s stop here and look at Ferncloud.
Ferncloud is a little, short-furred, pale gray she-cat with darker flecks, and pale leaf-green eyes.She was born to Whitestorm and Brindleface. Brindleface was born to Robinwing and Fuzzypelt, as well as Dustpelt. So, to put it simply, Dustpelt is Ferncloud’s uncle. Not only that, but there is a pretty big age difference there.According to the Wiki, he’s almost 9 years old, while Ferncloud is only almost 7. That might not be that weird, but in cat years, (I don’t know what to call it) that’s a pretty large age difference She was mentored by Darkstripe, then after he was exiled Longtail took over.Soon enough she had her apprentice ceremony and was named Ferncloud. Afterword, Dustpelt and her became mates and had their first litter consisting of Shrewkit and Spiderkit. Shrewkit died as an apprentice on Thunderpath. Ferncloud stayed in the nursery permanently to help over queens.

So, personally, I like Ferncloud and Dustpelt, but their relationship is kinda creepy. He’s a lot older than her, and they’re very closely related.

In Part 2, I will be examining Patchpelt and Willowpelt, who are siblings. (They obviously weren’t mates for long, but they had kits together :l)

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

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  • 🌱✨Palepaw✨🌱 Palepaw loves nature and is enjoying the winter seasons ❄️✨{Formerly Dustybloom} says:

    Great article! I despise Dust x Fern, their relationship is extremely creepy, not to mention wasn’t Dustpelt Ashfur’s mentor? That means he was FULLY GROWN when they paired up.

  • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

    Great article! I agree!
    Note: He was also her brother’s mentor :[

  • Great article! I really like it and agree
    like imagine my uncle dating me not creepy at all


  • Lilacpaw who isn't signed in rn and I should probably sign in so I don't have to keep doing this😛 says:

    Great article! I actually really like FernxDust! They are super cute and it was so heartbreaking when he saw her body after the Great Battle. ;-;

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    Great article! I like FernXDust.

  • I don’t really have too much of a problem with Dust X Fern (even though they’re related and have an age difference), I feel it’s just the authors’ mistake and there’s plenty of this throughout the entire series. I guess I’ve just learned to expect this often as weird as that is. Anyways, wonderful article!

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