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Warrior cats would you rather! by Bristleflight

Bristleflight shares their opinion on “This or That” characters.

[image description: headshot of a grey cat with white and black markings and blue eyes]
Art by Ospreysplash
[image description: headshot of a grey cat with white and black markings and blue eyes]

Firestar or yellowfang?
Ok so here me out I know starclan yellowfang was awful but her Alive form was great! So I choose the cranky old grama!

Cinderpelt or sandstorm!
I love sandstorm and I think cinderpelt is overrated so this one was easy

Spottedleaf or sandstorm?

Again I pick sandstorm I hate spottedleaf!

Dustpelt or brackenfur?

Dustpelt atleast he has persanality! While brackenfur has nothing he’s way overrated.

Ravenpaw or graystripe?

Should be easy I’ll pick the funny yet love troubled friend who lost alot. Ravenpaw was a coward who could not stand up for himself. He and barly are cute though and are definitely gay!

Thornclaw or runningwind?

Two other cats who have zero persanality.
I’ll pick the patrol guy because atleast he has a little more going for him.

Longtail or mousefur?
I’ll pick longtail. He was an antagonist terned ally and I love that also his friendship with mousefur was nice!

Cloudtail or brightheart!

I like them bought but brightheart wins. Her story was sad but she got to become a warrior unlike her sister and any other injured cat so good for her! But common she deserves an aprentice!

Bluestar or crookedstar?

Crookedstar all the way he’s one of my many favourites! He’s chill but fierce!

Riverstar or shadowstar.

Riverstar! He’s just so chill calm and wise. A real help when gray wing was depresed.

Leafpool or squirrelflight!

I love em bouth but squirrelflight has always been my favorite! Her story is interesting. She has a fiery spirit and stays relevant!

Ashfur or bramblestar.

I pick ashfur. Here me out I think Bramblestar is a better mate anyways ( even though I wish shrewpaw lived) I find him a little abusive. And I like ashfurs insane vilany in tbc!

Hawkfrost or mothwing?

Mothwing. She is like starclans stupid and I love it. I would definitely be untrustting of shadowsight so it was nice to see some important character actually be like shadowsight you screwed up! Hawkfrost is overrated and a terribly weak villans.

Jayfeather or hollyleaf?

I love bouth but I love hollyleaf more. She Gose into this downward spiral and finally speaks the truth. She’s a villain of depression not for love but from the lies of her berth. Then she Gose into the tunnels presumed to be dead and then comes back and sacrificeing herself for ivypool!

Lionblaze or tigerstar.

As much as I think lionblaze is boring tigerstar is stuped. Anough said.

Ivypool or dovewing.

Ivypool. I love dovewing too just shy of the top ten. Ivypool has gone through way more and is understandable jeluse she’s a teen. I’m I tern so it’s relatable! Dovewing feels a little to romantic which eh still like but not as much as Ivy.

Twigbranch or violetshine.

I like bouth but I love twigbranchs willingness to move clans untill she finds her home. Her not wanting kits and sticking with it but still being mates with finleap.

Bristlefrost or rootspring.

I love bouth!
But bristlefrost is my all time favorite cat!

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  • Sandstorm, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Ravenpaw, Runningwind, Cloudtail, Crookedstar, Riverstar, Leafpool, Bramblestar, Mothwing, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Violetshine, and Rootspring.

    Nice article!

  • Yellowfang, Sandstorm, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Ravenpaw, Thornclaw, Longtail, Brightheart, Crookedstar, Shadowstar, Leafpool, Bramblestar, Mothwing, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Twigbranch, Bristlefrost.

    You like Ashfur’s insanity? I don’t like it, but anyways great article!

  • Firestar, Cinderpelt, Spottedleaf (I know a lot of yall aren’t gonna like me for this haha), Brackenfur, Graystripe, Thornclaw, Longtail, Brightheart, Crookedstar, Riverstar, Leafpool, Ashfur (just because he’s interesting and adds drama), Mothwing (though I love Hawkfrost as a villain), Hollyleaf, Tigerstar, Dovewing (Ivypool is so so so close behind though), Twigbranch, Bristlefrost

    Interesting article!

  • Yelllowfang, Cinderpelt, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Ravenpaw, Runningwind, Longtail, Cloudtail, Crookedstar, Shadowstar, Leafpool, Ashfur, Hawkfrost, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, DOVEWING, and I haven’t met the last two yet.