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Would You Rather With Ships! by Silverdusk

Silverdusk shares their opinion on different ships from the series.

[image description: a white tortoiseshell cat with green eyes lays down beside and looks  toward a dark grey cat with yellow eyes. the background is purple with darker markings]
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[image description: a white tortoiseshell cat with green eyes lays down beside and looks toward a dark grey cat with yellow eyes. the background is purple with darker markings]

Hiiii! In this article I’m gonna be doing a Would You Rather/ This Or That with ships, because I think that would be more interesting then just listing my fav and least fav ships.

1) IvyXFern vs IvyXHawk

No competition here! I love IvyXFern. It’s cute and they are so good together. Fernsong even offered to stay in the nursery with their kits so Ivypool didn’t have to! IvyXHawk is gross and just weird. Hawkfrost is a lot older than Ivypool and is a killer. Besides, they didn’t even have feelings for each other.

2) BrambleXSquirrel or AshXSquirrel.

Bramblestar and Squirrelflight of course! They actually love each other and are happy together. Ashfur is just obsessive and tried to ruin Squirrelflight’s life.

3) GrayXSilver or GrayXMillie.

This is a bit difficult, but I love Silverstream and GrayXSilver wins. There’s nothing wrong with GrayXMillie, but I love how much Graystripe and Silverstream love each other. They met in a really cool way and I just love this ship.

4) FireXSand or FireXSpotted

FireXSand!!! Firestar and Sandstorm have great development and are really close. They have lived together for moons and are the parents of a litter. Firestar barely knew Spottedleaf before she died. At first, it was like “awww poor Spottedleaf, poor Firestar” but after a while of Firestar refusing to move on from Spottedleaf it kinda got annoying.
Spottedleaf kept poking her nose in Firestar’s dreams. And he wouldn’t move on from her even though they had barely even interacted before she died. FireXSand is way better.

5) LeafXCrow vs FeatherXCrow

This is really hard. But I’m going to choose FeatherXCrow. I just think it’s sweet how Feathertail is kind and understanding toward Crowpaw when no one else is. They spent lots of time together and it was sad when she died. Crowpaw even named himself after her! LeafXCrow, in my opinion, is sudden and unhealthy. Crowfeather was so mean to Leafpool and then boom, they’re running away, then leaving each other again.

6) FernXDust or SorrelXBracken

This is probably the hardest one yet. These are both great ships. But I’m going to choose FernXDust. Yes, they are uncle and niece. But you see more of their relationship then you do of SorrelXBracken and they love each other so much. Dustpelt was heartbroken when she died and he also took care of Ferncloud when their kits died and she was grieving. But I also like SorrelXBracken, this was hard to do.

7) GrayXTurtle or GrayXSlate.

I have no doubt that Gray Wing loved Slate, but I think GrayXTurtle is better. They had been living together for ages so they had a better bond to begin with. And they also raised kits together and I just prefer this couple.

8) ClearXBright or ClearXStorm

The reason why I’m not including Clear Sky and Star Flower in this is because not many of us like Star Flower so there’s no point. Anyways, I like Clear Sky x Bright Stream. They have a great relationship and lots of cats expected they would be mates, so they were obviously very close. They were very happy together and had longer together. Clear Sky x Storm was just love and first sight and then Storm ran off and died and that’s that.

9) BerryXHoney or BerryXPoppy

This is difficult, but I’m gonna say BerryXPoppy. Because they lived their whole lives together and raised a litter. But BerryXHoney is cute too.

10) OakXBlue or BlueXThrush

Probably OakXBlue. I’m not a big fan of this ship, but they actually loved each other and are together in StarClan. But I love Thrushpelt. He’s so kind. But he deserves someone who actually loves him. (Am I the only one who thinks that Rosetail and Thrushpelt would be good together??)

And that’s all the ships I have today!! Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

~ Silverdusk

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  • I agree with all except for Feather X Crow and Berry X Poppy. I think Crow X Leaf and Berry X Honey are better but that’s just my opinion 🙂 . Great article!

  • 🪷🐝 Honeypaw/dawn 🪷 Honey That Glows At Dawn 🪷 Cinderspark’s happy apprentice! 🐝🪷 says:

    Great article Silvie! I agree with all except DustXFern and FeatherXCrow, but that’s just me! <3

  • 1. IvyFern becaue Fernsong is the bestest boi ever 😭
    2. SquirrelXNobody because both Bramble and Ash stink lol
    3. GraySilver because idk I feel like GrayXSilvers just better 🤷‍♀️
    4. FireSand because Firepaw was a LITERAL APPRENTICE when Spottedleaf died so they didn’t really have any chemistry or anything
    5. LeafCrow because again idk why I like it better I just do
    6. FernDust and I was thinking the exact thing Silvie was thinking lol
    7. I haven’t read DotC yet
    8. haven’t read it yet
    9. uhhhh I’d say maybe BerryHoney because BerryPoppy seemed kinda like an impulse thing idk

  • Lol I have to do this in two parts. 1/2-
    IvyxFern, just because IvyxHawk is gross. I’m kind of neutral on IvyxFern. I haven’t read AVoS in a while-
    BramblexSquirrel. Up until AVoS, Bramblestar was a fine character. He had his flaws, sure, but so does every character. So *should* every character. Ashfur was obsessive and toxic-
    GrayxSilver. They seemed to have more feelings for each other. Also, I just… don’t really like Millie. She was a bad mother, a pretty boring character, and just… had no life at all-
    FIRExSAND FOREVER!!!! I *LOVE* this ship! FirexSpotted makes no sense because they had about two conversations together. But with FirexSand, it was simple and cute <333-
    LeafxCrow. That one was hard, because I like both. But Leafpool did love Crowfeather enough to leave her Clan for him. She only came back because they were in serious danger. Plus…. I really like Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, and they wouldn't exist without LeafxCrow-

  • 2/2-
    SorrelxBracken. They’re just so cute!!! <333 I love how in series PoT and OotS, you can see them interacting like an old married couple. Relationship goals right there-
    GrayxSlate. This one was also hard. But… I reeeaaaallllyyy like GrayxSlate. I just find them to be adorable! Plus, Slate is the one Gray Wing has kits with-
    ClearxBright. Clear Sky was so much better to Bright Stream. I don't think it was "love at first sight" for them, and they were clearly so excited to have kits together! We didn't see much of them, but they seemed cute. R.I.P., Bright Stream-
    BerryxHoney. Once again, they seemed to have more… feeling. Berrynose was heartbroken when Honeyfern died. And I loved how throughout PoT, you could see that the feelings they had for each other were mutual. You were rooting for them to get together, even though they were both background characters-
    OakxBlue. I've said it what, twice now? Yep, there was more feeling. Yes, it was quick. Yes, it has it's flaws. But it was still sweet. And I do love Thrushpelt. But Bluestar didn't return his affections, unfortunately.

  • I totally agree with the Rosetail and Thrushpelt. Even though I think with more time BluexThrush would have gone great together. Bluefur just needed to be more open and not so clingy. Couldn’t she see that Thruspelt was trying to help?

  • I agree with most of them, its just Berry x Poppy I disagree with

  • super cool article, silv! I agree with a lot of these, although some I disagree with. other than that, I enjoy reading all of your articles!!

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