[image description: a orange cat with lcream and dark orange markings and green eyes stands facing the left and looking at the viewer. "GEKKOZILLA" is written above its back]

Super Edition Ideas! by Forest

Forest lists some super editions they’d like to see.

[image description: a orange cat with lcream and dark orange markings and green eyes stands facing the left and looking at the viewer. "GEKKOZILLA" is written above its back]
[image description: a orange cat with lcream and dark orange markings and green eyes stands facing the left and looking at the viewer. “GEKKOZILLA” is written above its back]

Hi y’all! It’s Forest / Forestshade / Shaded Forest and today I’m going to be talking about some ideas that I’ve had for Super Editions and Novellas. Some of my favorite books in Warriors are Super Editions and I thought it would be fun to really think about who I’d like to know about in the warrior cats universe, so let’s go!
Darktail – He is my all time favorite villain and I want to know about what his childhood was like and how he gained rouge followers. I want to see him from his kithood in the Twolegplace up until the SkyClan invasion. I want to know how much his mother impacted his life and how much she talked about Onestars betrayal and how it might have urged Darktail on in the future. I also want to see how he gathered the rogues to his side to defeat SkyClan. It could be called ‘Darktails Reign’ or ‘Darktails Ambition’.
Moon, Leaf and Squirrel – SPOILERS FOR SQUIRRELFLIGHT’S HOPE! I want to know more about the sisters’ lifestyle. I want a POV from a female sister and a tom. I want to see these siblings be closer and not want to be separated. I want to know how spending the first few moons of their lives in the Clans impacted their beliefs. Most importantly I want to see how a toms powers work. Tree couldn’t harness them and Rootspring was a more watered down version. I want to see it for real! Also, I know that when Root, Bristel, Spot and Needle talked to Leaf he seemed excited to be leaving, but maybe he just didn’t want to complain to Clan cats….idk. But I think a SE with these three circulating POV’s could be really cool. Idk what this could be called since it would have 3 POV’s. Any ideas?
Poppyfrost – I want to see her feelings on losing Honeyfern and feeling guilty because she liked Berrynose. I want to see her struggle with Berrynose acting like he doesn’t care about her. A Novella could work for her, I just want it out somehow. What story do you have to tell, Poppyfrost? Share it with us! It could be called ‘Poppyfrost’s Sorrow’.
Stoneteller – (Crag Where Eagles Nest) Yes, I want a Super Edition with the POV of the new Stoneteller. We all know that the Tribe is pretty jacked. The Tribe cats are supposed to be stronger and more skilled than the Clans so why are the Clans always needing to save them? I think that the old Stoneteller created a low point for the Tribe and now the new Stoneteller (and this is what the Super Edition would show) needs to rebuild and restore the Tribe to its former glory. It could fix the Tribes problems and also make a good story. ‘Stonetellers Leadership’ might work for this.
Heathertail – I want to know so badly how she dealt with knowing that she was Darktails half-sister. (A lot of people don’t know this, but Onestar is her father and her mother is Whitetail.) I want to know how it affected her relationships in the Clans. I also want to know what drew her to Lionpaw in Power of Three. I want to know what she saw in Breezepelt as well. Basically, I want it to start with her relationship with Lionpaw, go through to her relationship with Breezepelt. Maybe to a little time-skip or have two separate parts. Have the second part show how she dealt with being Darktails half-sister like I said before. I think she could be used in a lot of interesting ways and it would be cool to see. ‘Heathertails Kin’ would probably be the best name for this one.
Sleekwhisker – What happened to her when Darktail was defeated? I want to know! There is so much potential for her here. I also specifically don’t want her to go back to the Clans all “I feel so bad now that I realize how terrible Darktail was!” No, Sleekwhisker is a villain and I don’t want to see her in the Clans. I want to see her travel FAR away from the Clans. I want her to find her own space, get her own rouge followers and live in her own way as the leader of her own rouge band. It could be super fun to see something outside of the Clans for the second time in ten years. (That’s an exaggeration, I don’t know the actual ratio btw.) Anyway, it might just be me, but I think something like that could be cool. I know it’s a lot like my Darktail idea of seeing him gather the rogues to invade SkyClan, but with Sleekwhisker they can’t make it about revenge, they can’t make it about the Clans and that’s what I really want to see. A villain story outside the Clans with a familiar character where she’s not out for revenge. (Like Mapleshade, Darktail, Tigerstar and basically every single villain that ever existed. Please Erins, if you do this give Sleekwhisker other ideals! Let her want to make herself successful instead of trying to make those who hurt her sorry like all the others!) ‘Sleekwhiskers Story’ Since this one would do just that, show Sleekwhiskers story! I know that Hollyleaf had a Novella called Hollyleaf’s Story, but this would be a SE so I don’t think it would be too bad.
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this article! They are so fun to make and it’s really cool to me to be able to discuss my opinions with others and hear what they think too. Who do you want books about? Did any of these ideas stand out to you? And do you have any name ideas for the Leaf, Squirrel and Moon Super Edition? Let me know! As always, thanks for reading. Forest out!

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