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Defending Dovewing by Lakesplash

Lakesplash defends Dovewing.

[image description: a grey cat with blue eyes is surrounded by teal mist]
Artwork by MapleSpyder
[image description: a grey cat with blue eyes is surrounded by teal mist on a circular teal background]

Hey Blogclan! I decided to write an article about defending Dovewing. Sorry, it probably won’t be long because I don’t really like writing that much. Ok so let’s get started.

I’m sure most of us know who Dovewing is but if you don’t: Dovewing is a pale grey she-cat with green eyes. She was born in ThunderClan and her parents are Whitewing and Birchfall. Her sister is Ivypool and Dovewing ran away from ThunderClan to join ShadowClan so she could be with her mate Tigerheart. Now we all know who Dovewing is, it’s time to defend her!!

1) Her powers

The amount of hate Dovewing gets because of her powers is insane. When Dovewing was an apprentice, Dovepaw hated having powers. But when she got her powers taken away after the great battle, she started complaining. Why? Well it’s simple. Dovewing had time over 6 books to learn to adjust and love her powers. Also even if she still disliked them losing your ability to hear must be pretty hard to deal with.
Now onto my second point.
The way Dovewing tested Bumblestripe. Bumblestripe was a good cat at first. Not! He was always obsessive and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I dislike him a lot. Ok so maybe he was nice for a little but asking Dovewing to have kits with him at Purdy’s funeral is dumb now let’s move onto my next point

I know my friend Silverdusk thinks that Dovewing was mean to Ivypool, so I thought I would talk about that. Dovewing tried to help her sister a lot of times like trying to stop her from going to the dark forest and trying to help her with her jealousy. So Dovewing is a good sister in my opinion.
Now my final point.

heaps of ppl hate Tigerheart. I think he’s cool, but that’s just me. I don’t know why anyone is angry at Dovewing for following her heart and going to ShadowClan. Dove and Tiger are one of my favourite ships and I don’t know why everybody hates them. What did Tigerheart ever do but try and defend his Clan and family? Dovewing was happier with tiger heart than she was with Bumblestripe Dovewing was brave enough to follow her heart to ShadowClan.

And that’s why I like Dovewing and think she gets too much hate. It’s ok if you disagree but pls be nice about it. So what do you think about Dovewing and Dovextiger.
Thanks for reading my article.

-Lakesplash Out

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  • Great article, but i still disagree. At first, Dovewing would NOT STOP saying how much she hated her powers, but then when she lost them, she kept saying she was blind and deaf without them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, she could still hear and see like a normal cat! also, when she was expecting kits, she was like “im gonna run away from everyone because i had a dream that thunderclan isn’t safe 4 my kits!!! and im going to drag tigerheart along with me, ever though his clan needs him!” i just think that’s selfish. imagine poor ivypool, not knowing whether her sister was even ALIVE.

  • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

    “She was mean to her sister”
    “I’m sorry I was stupid about the sih. If I hadn’t gone near it, Rainstorm (…).” [It’s Ivypaw/pool who said that]
    It wasn’t your fault!” Indignation surged through Dovepaw. “He was being horrible.”
    -pg 48, The Fourth Apprentice
    “I’m not that good”, she [Dovewing] protested as she dropped her catch. She didn’t like being praised in front of Ivypaw, who had managed to kill only a single shrew. (…) Ivypaw cats an envious glance at her sister.
    -pg 68
    “But, Ivypaw, you-”
    “You’re only doing it to get attention”, Ivypaw hissed. Before Doveoaw could respond, she bounded away and vanished into the apprentices’ den.
    -page 71
    [Ivypaw wails:]”Why do you get to go when I can’t? Why doesn’t Firestar send another warrior?”
    “It’s not because Firestar likes me better, or anything”, Dovepaw reassured her sister. (…) and [Dovepaw] try to give her [Ivypaw’s] ear a comforting lick, but Ivypaw herked away from her.
    -page 107
    The only time Dovepaw/wing was ‘mean’ to her sister was, if I can remember well, during an argument about the Dark Forest where Ivypool was telling her she shouldn’t be seeing Tigerheart/star because he trained in the Dark Forest. Dovewing lost control and said Ivypool was jealous of her and some other things, but Ivypool was being agressive too. It’s ironic hwo people complain that Dovewing is ‘perfect’ then complain about her for not being perfect.
    Great article!

  • I’m fine with Dovewing, I just have other characters I like better. But after what Tigerstar II did in Sky . . . I was done with him.

    • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

      I was done with him the moment he used her and Ivypool to get catmint…And the Broken Code? Squirrelflight’s Hope? A Vision Of Shadows? SKY? He’s VERY high on my Least Favorite Characters list.

      • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

        *spoiler alert* He started pressing RiverClan after they had lost their leader and deputy, was confronted by Berryheart (I hate her though because she did a lot of bad things >:() for ‘wanting to take over RiverClan’ and denied it, later on, what does he do? TAKE OVER RIVERCLAN BY FORCE. He was going to kill a warrior, I think it was Duskfur, and they finally gave up because they didn’t want the warrior to die. That’s how the last chapter ends BTW ;w;
        In Squirrelflight’s Hope, he pressures ThunderClan to attack the Sisters and drive them out when they’ve got a pregnant queen, because they are in a territory ShadowClan wants for SkyClan (SkyClan later on wants it too, but Leafstar doesnt want to harm the Sisters….He ignores her and attacks anyway, though). He twists the situations involving the Sisters to turn the Clans against her and implies Squirrelflight is betraying her Clan because she defends the Sisters and basically mocks Bramblestar about ‘finally having control over ThunderClan’ when he shuts her down. He sends his warriors to trepass on the Sisters territory and when they retaliate, trepassing on theirs, a fight breaks and he starts saying the Sisters are evil because they hurt uhis warriors and that they’re vicious and blablahblah. Finally, he sneds his Clan to attack the Sisters while Moonlight is GIVING BIRTH, and doesn’t stop once he finds out that she’s giving birth, and his Clan KILLS A QUEEN WHO JUST GAVE BIRTH. He continues to press Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.
        In The Broken Code, he is sometimes nice and sometimes a jerk. He does a lot of good things though, and my memory is bad on his envolvment, so.

      • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

        Sorry I mistook TBC for AVOS

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    Great article! I am neutral on Dovewing and I don’t see the problem with DoveXTiger.

  • I totally agree! I think Dovewing is a pretty good character and I don’t understand the hate she gets. Wonderful aritcle!

  • ❤️MARIA REYNOLDS DESERVES BETTER❤️ Hamilton fans, stop hating on her! ♥️She is really NOT that bad!♥️ (Turtledapple🐢🐢🐢 Any pronouns except she/her or it/its.) says:

    Lovely article! I am a passionate Dovewing Defender, so I really love seeing defense articles for her 🙂

    Hamilton wrote... the other 51!

  • Disagree with everything here Dovewing is a bad character and Dove x Tiger is the worst ship ever. Okay Dovewing is whiny about getting her powers and then she whines when she loses them. You said “to learn to adjust and love her powers” but seriously why whine about a power when you whine after it’s gone. Tigerheart/star and Dovewing are terrible because they care more about each other than their clans. Dovewing gets on my nerves when she leaves the clans because of dreams. I have one word ANXIETY. She gets Tigerheart to leave the clans. I would have loved for a fox to come out and kill her and her unborn kits. I also hate how she fusses over Shadowsight and forgets her other kits *exist*. She when she goes to ThunderClan to say good bye it like Byeeeee thanks for nothing I’m going to ShadowClan with Tigerstar 2. “She followed her heart” but didn’t,Nightheart,Leafpool, and Graystripe did that too? I hate how she forgets about Ivypool and her family dynamics while yes she shows grieve for Bristlefrost. But personally Bristlefrost should have let Shadowsight die and let someone else kill Ashfur. I HATE DOVEWING AND I WILL GO TO THE KUIPER BELT TO KILL HER!!! IVYPOOL 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Please be less rude next time, as you’re implying that all Dovewing defenders(of which I am one) are idiots because Ivypool is oh so perfect.

    • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

      Imagine for a moment you have a overdeveloped hearing and other overdeveloped senses. Imagine that you’ve ALWAYS lived with them and even used to think every cat has them. Then imagine both your personal teacher and one of the biggest authorities of your town, who are by the way brothers, tell you that these powers will save your town from destruction and you can’t tell anyone about it, not even your sister who is your best friend and the closest person to you. Then they tell you your sister DOESN’T have powers. You don’t want to do this without your sister, but they insist. Then your sister gets jealous of the attention you get because of your overdeveloped senses. Of course you’re going to wish you didn’t have them when your sister stops talking to you because of that, right? Time passes. You and your sister argue and argue and ARGUE YET AGAIN. Then suddenly your senses become average – worse than they’ve ever been. That makes you need to adapt to this new level of senses and to the fact you can’t hear and see as well as you used to be. Though I don’t think Dovewing ever complains out loud, just inside her head. Lionblaze and Jayfeather are very angry about your missing senses. Your sister STILL WON’T TALK TO YOU even though you’re not ‘perfect’ anymore. How does that feel?
      But yes, I hate TigerxDove

      • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

        I like Ivypool too though ;D

      • Me:* moves to another state* Also Me: * doesn’t care what anyone think about her and rickrolls all who come against her* if all else fails I’ll move to Mars

        • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

          Okay I guess. Just to clarify, I didn’t give my opinion on you, I just defended a character I like….

          • Ok 👌😝, see ur point but I don’t like Dovewing. But Dante Mata is worse than her ( Paola Santiago) he literally leaves a fantasma for Pao to fight without helping. Just because he thinks it’s her fault that his abuela is sick. Sorry I just hate Dante, he doesn’t deserve Pao, Pao x Emma is better. I also hate Kara she’s sooooo annoying, I feel no sympathy for her she’s terrible to Aru. She destroyed their weapons because of the Sleeper, she doesn’t even stand up against the Sleeper.Welp totally off topic whoopppsss. But Tigerstar 2 is terrible I hate him and a terrible leader.

            • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

              Since I have no idea what Paola Santiago is, I won’t join the discussion

  • I agree with everything except that Tigerheart is a good cat lol

  • Great Article! And yeah you’re right, Dovewing gets a LOT of unnecessary hate. She’s one of my favourite characters!

  • I think Dovewing is ok- I like that she followed her heart but stayed with that decision, but I do feel she was a bit overdramatic when loosing her powers. Nice article though

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