[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Theories on StarClan by Icepaw

Icepaw rates and makes several theories about what happens if dead cats die a second time.

[image description: see-through blue silhouettes of three cats float in the starry night sky in-between trees shrouded in darkness]
[image description: see-through blue silhouettes of three cats float in the starry night sky in-between trees shrouded in darkness]

Hello, BlogClan! Welcome to Warriors Theory! IcePaw here, today we are talking about…drum-roll please… What happens after StarClan! (This is my first article!)

If you didn’t know, when cats in StarClan are completely forgotten, they fade away from StarClan, but no cat knows what happens after. Today, I’m going to review some common theories, then brainstorm some of my own.

Popular Theory 1: It’s just done.
Some think that it’s “All over” after they fade. Like, not in existence anymore. Personally, I highly dislike this theory. I do respect it’s reasoning, but overall, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Yuck. I rate this a 2/10.

Popular Theory 2: Wandering Spirits.
This one is less popular, but I put it in here anyways. Some think that faded cats wander through the forest/lake, just wandering. I like this one a bit better then the last one, but I still think it would be lonely to just…wander. I rate it a 4/10.

Popular Theory 3: Reincarnation.
This is my favorite out of the fan theories. Basically, it goes like this. When a cat fades, they are reborn into a clan of their choice. In the Dark Forest, they are automatically sent to the clan they had done the most wrong too, so that they can learn compassion. However, if a Dark Forest Reborn is bad in their second life, they are just “ended.”
This has to be my favorite Popular Theory. The Dark Forest part makes sense! 9/10.

/////////////////// Pt. 2: Making Theories.

Note: Please rate these in the comments!

Theory 1: Curious Spirits.
This is very similar to Wandering Spirits, except that they are sent to an endless open space, with trees and lots of prey and lakes and rivers and things to do. They can also “cross paths” with other faded cats who they want. That would keep things from getting lonely.

Theory 2: Guardians.
So, faded cats would be able to select a kit or unborn kit and become their “Guardian.” This would make them linked to the kit, and they would have something to do, watch over the kit. When the kit dies, if it goes to StarClan, the “Guardian” would be able to go back to StarClan until the “kit” fades. Then the process would recycle.

That’s my article! I hope you like it. But remember… That’s just a theory, a Warriors Theory! And…….cut!

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