Comparing KOTLC Characters To Warrior Cats by Silverdusk

Silverdusk compares characters from Warriors with characters from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Hellooo guys! I’ve recently started reading KOTLC(Keeper Of The Lost Cities.) I’ve just finished Neverseen (the 4th book) and I’m now up to Lodestar. In this article I’m going to be: Giving Warrior names to KOTLC Characters and giving KOTLC powers to warrior cat characters

So for those who are unaware of what Keeper Of The Lost Cities is, here’s a quick explanation.

So basically there’s this Elvin world where elves live. They don’t have bells on their shoes or pointy ears(well, some have pointy ears) but elves just look like unusually beautiful/handsome people. And there is also gnomes, dwarves, ogres, that kind of thing. Sophie Foster, the main character, grew up with humans but eventually learned of her Elvin blood and went to the Lost Cities(the Elf world.) Every elf has a power(s), expect for Talentless(elves who never develop powers.) And then there’s an Elvin council, these elves are the leaders of the Elvin worlds. There’s a rebel group called the Black Swan (who tweaked Sophie’s genes to allow her to have multiple powers and do other things.) The Black swan is trying to stop the Neverseen, the bad guy group. The Council are kinda useless sometimes and make bad decisions, which leads to some elves to go against them.

Main Characters:

Sophie Foster
Fitz Vacker
Biana Vacker
Keefe Sencen
Dex Diznee

Now let’s get started!!

First up, giving warrior characters KOTLC powers!

1) Dovewing

Dovewing would probably be a Telepath. Telepaths can read people’s minds. Dovewing has extreme hearing, so sometimes things are too loud or choatic for her. Similarly, Sophie often notices how loud thoughts are (particularly human thoughts.) Dovewing also just seems like the Telepath type, idk.

2) Ivypool

She would be a Talentless. This would make sense because Ivypool is known to be jealous of her sister Dovewing. And it makes sense if Dove had a power and Ivy didn’t, hence the envy Ivypool feels.

3) Jayfeather

Jayfeather would be an Empath! This is because he can feel others’ emotions really well, just like Empaths.

4) Firestar

He would be a Pryokinetic! Firstly it makes sense because his name is FIREstar, and Pryokinetics control and create fire. It is the only forbidden talent, so Firestar, being the noble cat he is, would give up his dangerous power for the good of his Clan.

5) Crookedstar

Hydrokinetic!! Hydros can control water. Crookedstar is a RiverClan cat sooo yeah. Probably any RC cat would have this power.

Now we have giving KOTLC warrior names!!!

1) Sophie

Role: Main Character
Powers: Telepath, Inflictor, Polyglot, Teleporter,
Who I ship With: Team Foster-Keefe FOREVER!!!!

Sophie’s prefix could be Briar, because she’s strong and willful, very determined and strong and a great friend. Suffix could maybe be- fall? Because she has to fall to be able to teleport. So result: Briarfall.

2) Biana
Role: Sophie’s best friend, Fitz’s sister
Power: Vanisher
Who I ship with: Tam maybe?

Biana is very pretty and cares a lot about her appearance. So maybe Willow for her prefix? And maybe ‘blaze’ for her suffix? Because a lot of people might think Biana is all delicate and pretty like a willow, but really she’s also stubborn, determined, bright, capable and smart. So Willowblaze.

3) Keefe
Role: Sophie’s best friend
Power: Empath
Who I Ship with: Sophie!

Keefe’s prefix could be Jay. Because he’s sarcastic like Jayfeather. And his suffix would be ‘heart’ because he’s also really caring and a great friend. Result: Jayheart.

4) Fitz
Role: Sophie’s best friend, Biana’s brother
Power: Telepath
Who I Ship With: nobody (but I used to be Sofitz shipper)

Fitz is loyal, brave and heroic. He’s Sophie’s best friend and one of the first elves she ever met. They are really close and connect telepathically easily. I think Fitz’s prefix could be ‘Lion’ because he has had really sudden spurts of anger and has an unpredictable temper. But his suffix could be ‘claw’ because he uses his strength to protect his friends. So Lionclaw.

5) Dex
Role: Sophie’s best friend
Power: Technopath
Who I Ship With: Nobody so far

Dex’s prefix is going to be ‘Thorn.’ Because he can be easily irritated and is really protective of Sophie. And his suffix can be ‘branch’ because I don’t know. Maybe because branches are strong and steady, like Dex? Result: Thornbranch.

6) Linh
Role: Sophie’s friend
Power: Hydrokinetic
Who I Ship With: Nobody

Linh has the ability to control water. So maybe ‘Lake’ for her prefix, Because it’s pretty and has something to do with water. And ‘mist’ for her suffix because Linh can also control mist. Result: Lakemist. I actually find that name really pretty! In fact, I think I just found myself a new OC! Anyways, I’m getting a little off topic.

7) Tam
Role: Sophie’s friend, Linh’s twin brother
Power: Shade
Who I Ship with: Maybe Biana

Tam’s prefix could be Shade, because well he is a Shade. And maybe his suffix could be ‘claw’ because he’s really protective of his sister Linh. So Shadeclaw.

8) Sandor
Role: Sophie’s bodyguard
Powers: None, he’s a goblin
Who I ship with: no one yet

Sandor’s prefix would probably be ‘Storm’ because he’s really protective of Sophie and really strong. And his suffix is ‘shadow’ because he’s really quiet when he’s following Sophie and can be very sneaky. Result: Stormshadow.

9) Silveny
Role: Sophie’s friend
Powers: She can teleport because she’s an alicorn
Who I Ship with: Greyfall

Silveny is an alicorn and a friend of Sophie’s. I think her prefix would be ‘Silver’ because she is silver. And her suffix would be ‘flight’ because Silveny loves flying.
Result: Silverflight. Silveny could also be Silverwing

10) Calla
Role: A member of the Black Swan
Powers: She’s a gnome and can make the earth open up and stuff like that
Who I Ship With: Nobody

Calla is a gnome and a member of the Black Swan. She’s a fairly big part in the book Neverseen. I think Calla’s prefix would be ‘Flower’ because she loves plantlife and can communicate with plants and stuff. And her suffix would be ‘song’ because Calla, like all gnomes, can sing to the earth to make roots lift up to create a tunnel and things like that. Result: Flowersong.

And that’s all I have for today! What’s your favourite warrior name I made? Have you read Keeper Of The Lost Cities? Whose your favourite character? Thanks for reading!

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  • 🌟🎆 3...2...1... Happy 2023! 🎆🌟 💖 Hooray for Stellarlune and Chapter 42! 🥳 May these next 365 days be filled to capacity with happiness and achievement! 🌊✨(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨ 🌊 says:

    Great article, Silverdusk! I agree especially with your names for Fitz and Biana, although Lionclaw and Lakemist are technically canon names, and with your point about the contrast between Dovewing and Ivypool’s hypothetical KotLC abilities. I like how you not only gave Keeper of the Lost Cities character warrior names, but also formed a new and creative take on the “classic” approach, while remaining a cordial and positive narrator. Personally, I think that Larkflame might be a better name for Sophie because it illustrates her passion, courage, and leadership role within the Black Swan while also being both elegant and powerful, but I do believe Briarfall to be a good name. To answer your questions, I have read Keeper of the Lost Cities and absolutely love it! 🙂 Especially Stellarlune… <333 but I won't give away any spoilers. My favorite characters are Keefe and Biana. Again, great job!

  • 💮🌸Skye🌸💮 [Skypaw//Skymist//Misty Moon On A Fareway Sky//Has two fanfics going on! Check out Shinign Shadows and my newest: Shadowed Path!] says:

    Great article!

  • ❤️🌹 Rose That Blooms At Dawn (Rosedawn)🌹❤️ She/they | Rosey, Rose or Rosa | Formerly Breezestorm says:

    Great article Silvo!!

  • Hey Silverdusk! Here are some spoilers for Sophie’s love life so if you don’t want anything spoiled, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING 3-4 LINES! SKIP TO THE END! – Foster Oblivion ends in Stellarlune (the most recent book) – SoDex kiss in Nightfall – SoFitz almost kiss in Flashback but Silveny butts in – SoKeefe kiss in Stellarlune chapter 42 ( ah, the famous chapter 42!) – SilvXGrey happens! (2 babies/one girl (Luna) one boy(Wynn))! Are you angry at me for spoiling? Probably! My favorite names are Briarfall/Soph and Willowblaze/Prettypants! Keefe is by far my favorite character! Ty for this article! Again, sorry for spoiling!

  • omg omg kotlc! sokeefe slays. im on the third book. KOTLC slays im being so for real. tiana (tamxbiana) slays too

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