[image description: an orange tabby cat with green eyes walks towards the left on a forest background with a view of a lake]

Top 10 She-Cats In Warriors by Sparkfire

Sparkfire lists the best she-cats from the series.

[image description: an orange tabby cat with green eyes walks towards the left on a forest background with a view of a lake]
Art by Shadow-Ku
[image description: an orange tabby cat with green eyes walks towards the left on a forest background with a view of a lake]

Hello, my lovely Bloggers! Today I’m going to be writing about my top 10 favorite she-cats in Warriors. I’ve changed my name again because I was pondering today what my name, personality, and descriptions would all be if I was in the actual Warriors Universe. I came up with Sparkfire, for my fictional flame-colored tabby pelt and Squirrelflight-like personality. Enjoy the article! <3
-Friday, September 30th By Sparkfire-

-DISCLAIMER: I haven’t finished the series, I’m only on the first book of OOTS, so please don’t attack me. I might re-update if I read more books. Probably not, though. TvT-
-Toms will be in my next article-

#10 -Ferncloud-
I love Ferncloud in general. I generally love her relationship with Dustpelt, though the fact that he’s her uncle and the age difference is still awkward, I love their relationship. I heard Dustpelt dies. T^T. -Please confirm in comments-

#9 -Goldenflower-
I love Goldenflower because I relate to her character. If I were the mother to Bramblekit -paw-claw-star and Tawnykit -paw-pelt-hopefully STAR-, I’d stick up for them as well. I love Goldenflower for supporting her kits and not losing faith in them. Go Goldenflower.

#8 -Turtle Tail-
And queue the DoTC arc! I loved reading about how the Clans came to be, and one of my favorite she-cats was Turtle Tail. -The other was Tall Shadow. She reminded me of Bluestar- I love Turtle Tail so much.

#7 -Tawnypelt-
I. Love. Tawnypelt. Tawnypelt’s independence and character altogether are amazing. I love that she was brave enough to leave ThunderClan. The way I view it is that she was brave enough to recognize she wasn’t wanted there, and she left. Tawnypelt better becomes ShadowClan leader, I swear. Also, can we quickly talk about something? The cats that are next in line to become leaders are the current cats that went on the Journey to Midnight. Bramblestar is the current leader, Squirrelflight is his deputy. Crowfeather is Harestar’s deputy, and Tawnypelt is Tigerstar 2.0’s deputy. Interesting. At least it’s not Berrynose.

#6 -Hollyleaf-
If I’m going to be honest, I feel that Hollyleaf was wasted potential. I feel like she shouldn’t have killed Ashfur or gone mad when Leafpool’s secret was revealed. Honestly, I thought Hollyleaf would’ve been the FIRST to FORGIVE Leafpool. Not full-on feed her DEATHBERRIES. I really wanted Hollyleaf to be Hollystar one day, just like she dreamed. I also ship HollyCinder. Fight me =D

#5 -Bluestar-
I love Bluestar’s character. I know I’ve said a lot about her choices -I haven’t changed my mind, by the way,- but I love her regardless. Her going mad by the last couple of books is a bit overdramatic, but after reviewing, something I do often before writing articles, I see that it truly is…well…sensible?

#4 -Brightheart / Sorreltail
I love both of these she-cats. Brightheart is one of my favorites ever. Her relationship with Swiftpaw was really beautiful -honestly, I halfly ship them more than BrightXCloud TvT- Sorreltail’s relationship with Brackenfur is also amazing. I love those two so much. I also LOVE Sorreltail’s relationship with Leafpool. -ship I sense? ;]-

#3 -Cinderpelt / Yellowfang-
Good. StarClan. Where do I start? Cinderpelt is just fantastic. Yellowfang is amazing. Best. Mentor & apprentice relationship. EVER.

#2 -Leafpool / Mothwing-
Someone call Blixemi & Akira. I will talk about these two all day.

#1 -Squirrelflight / Sandstorm / Sparkpelt.
Yes. The fierce ladies. All of these characters are me. I loved reading about Sandstorm. I loved reading about Squirrelflight. I’ve heard things about Sparkpelt and did some digging. I love them all.

-I hope you enjoyed the article, have a great day / morning / afternoon / evening / night. Love each and every one of you! <3-


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