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Giving Theme Songs to Warrior Cats! by Spiritpaw

Spiritpaw connects characters from Warriors with songs.

[image description: a brown tabby cat noses the needle arm of a record player]
Source: Daily Paws
[image description: a brown tabby cat noses the needle arm of a record player]

Ello BlogClanners! So the topic for this article is pretty straight-forward: I will be assigning theme songs to some warriors characters because that’s what I feel like doing! Let’s start!

Name: Ivypool
Song: Darkside by Alan Walker and Tomine Harket
Why I think it fits:

This song is more reflectant of when Ivypool was training in the Dark Forest and her early life/apprenticeship, but I think it still suits her.
There’s a verse in the song that goes, Don’t wait for truth to come and blind us, let’s just believe their lies. I think this really reflects when Ivypool was just starting to see the error of her ways but didn’t quite want to leave yet because she still was jealous of Dovewing.
And, in the chorus, some of the lyrics are While we’re still young and fearless let go of the light fall into the dark side, which really reminds me of Ivypool because she was young and naive when she started training with the Dark Forest, and when she sort of started to see its true form but didn’t really care for a little while.
And, finally, in another verse, it goes Fall into the dark side give in to the dark side, which I feel like this isn’t Ivypool’s words, it’s more of Hawkfrost’s and the other Dark Forest warriors convincing her that what she’s doing is good.

Name: Graystripe
Song: I’m Still Standing by Elton John
Why I think it fits:

I feel like, since Graystripe is literally the very first warrior we ever meet in the series, he would have an older song, and this one spoke to me because it feels just a little carefree like Graystripe is when he’s an apprentice and the slight seriousness, like Graystripe is when he gets older.
In the chorus, the lyrics Lookin’ like a true survivor, feelin’ like a little kid seem like something Graystripe would feel like or like he would say something similar to this. Also, this stanza in the song just really reminds me of him because it both shows his funny, humorous side (feelin’ like a little kid), while at the same time revealing his more serious, survivor-like capabilities and skills (lookin’ like a true survivor).
And then, in the post-chorus, the words are I’m still standin’, reflecting off of his will to survive.

Name: Sandstorm
Song: Ignite by K-319
Why I think it fits:

So, this song is more of her relationship with Firestar in the early stages. Why? Because of this string of lyrics: Baby, tell me one more beautiful lie.
Anyone who’s read Firestar’s Quest knows that, during the journey to find SkyClan, Spottedleaf comes to visit Firestar several times. Sandstorm knows this and starts to doubt Firestar’s love for her a little, so yeah, this line kind of mimics that.
Also, the name of the song reminds me of Sandstorm’s fiery personality, so there’s that too.

Name: Needletail
Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Why I think it fits:

So, originally, I was going to put this song for Yellowfang or Brokenstar, but after reviewing the lyrics for this article, I decided that actually it’d better suit Needletail when she first joined Darktail’s Kin, and then later realized that it was a mistake.
The lyrics It’s a revolution, I suppose really remind me of when she and the other ShadowClan apprentices first break away from the Clans to go with Darktail. And then, This is it, the apocalypse also reminds me of that.
And the part that makes me think of when she realizes her mistake, it’s mostly the chorus: I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones enough to make my systems blow and in the very beginning I’m waking up to ash and dust.

Name: Brightheart
Song: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
Why I think it fits:

Originally, I planned this for Cloudtail, but when I reviewed the lyrics I decided it was best for his mate, Brightheart.
So, mostly why this song reminds me of her is part of the chorus: I’m on top of the world, ‘ey waiting on this for a while now and I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ey. I think it reflects off of when she was recovering from being mauled by a dog.
Been dreaming of this since a child also reminds me of how badly she wanted to be a warrior.
And then, this stanza: I’ve tried to cut these corners try to take the easy way out it reminds me of how hopeless Brightheart felt after the dog attack, and how she just wanted to give up but didn’t. The next stanza in the song also reminds me of that: I coulda gave up then but then again I couldn’t have cause I traveled all this way for something. That ‘something’ is getting her warrior name, which she eventually got because she didn’t give up <3
And finally, this stanza: And I know it’s hard when you’re falling down and it’s a long way up when you hit the ground. It reminds me of Brightheart because I feel like it’s her helping younger cats through their struggles, as shown several times in the books. Man, I love this character <33333333

Name: Scourge
Song: Enemy by Imagine Dragons
Why I think it fits:

Ah, Scourge, one of my favorite villains >:)
Basically, I think this whole song fits him, but that’d take too long, so I’ll just share some lines that I think fit him best.
I’m searching to behold the stories that are told. This reminds me of when Scourge was still a kit, back when he was still called Tiny, when his mother told him about the warrior cats that lived in the forest.
Tell you you’re the greatest but once you turn, they hate us. This reminds me of the sarcasm his siblings, Socks and Ruby, showed him when they were kits, and also how mean were to him.
And then the chorus: Oh, the misery everybody wants to be my enemy spare the sympathy everybody wants to be my enemy. Especially the ‘spare the sympathy’ part, because it touches a bit of when Scourge started to become hard and cold.
And the laughter in the halls and the names that I’ve been called I stack them in my mind and I’m waiting for the time when I show you what it’s like to be words spit in a mic. This REALLY reminds me of how, over time, Scourge became vengeful and hateful, waiting… just waiting… for the opportune time to strike back at his enemies.

Name: Crowfeather
Song: Glimpse of Us by Joji
Why I think it fits:

So, mostly it’s just the chorus:
’Cause sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us and I try to fall for her touch but I’m thinking of the way it was.
So, firstly, thai fits for all of his relationships: CrowLeaf, FeatherCrow, and NightCrow. We all know that Crowfeather saved Leafpool from falling off a cliff into the ThunderClan camp, and he tells her afterwards that he was reminded of Feathertail’s death. Sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us fits that really well.
And then, once he and Leafpool break up, he tries to fall in love with Nightcloud. That didn’t work out, due to Crowfeather moping over Leafpool. And I try to fall for her touch but I’m thinking of the way it was fits this instance very well also.

So yeah, I’ve nearly filled three pages with this, and I’ve brainstormed all the cats and ideas and songs I can! Hope you enjoyed this! Let me know what you thought and if you disagree or agree!
Spiro out.


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