Happy Birthday, Shadedheart138!

It’s Shadedheart138’s Birthday!!

I hope you have a paw-sitively amazing day! 😉 🐾

[image description: 4 cartoon cats sit side by side with balloons and party hats, text above reads ‘wish you have a purrfect birthday’; credit: vecteezy.com]

HOORAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 🎶🎂🎉

Here’s a birthday poem for you, I hope you like it! 🙂

Shimmers of pink and lilac
Hit and reflect off the
Azure water’s surface
Dancing a rainbow of
Enchanting colour.
Deep green and delicate
Hazel can also be seen
Eagerly painted into
All the trees lining the
Resplendent lake – a
Truly beautiful image.

[image description: a pink-brown cake with roses piped on the top and chocolate drizzles; credit: unsplash.com]

I hope you like this absolutely delicious looking chocolate cake! 🍫

Hey Shaded! How’s your birthday so far? Do you know what you’re getting up to? Are you planning anything with friends and/or family? Tell us in the comments below if you want – BlogClan would love to know! 😀

BlogClan loves you, Shaded! We love seeing your wonderful articles and comments on the Blog, and hope that you stay around to celebrate many more birthdays with us! Everyone here hopes you have an amazing day! 💙


🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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