BlogClanner in the Spotlight: Calendar Moderators !

Welcome back to BiTS !! It’s been over a year and a half at this point, but we are back and with a twist! Instead of just interviewing one person, today we have our very own new calendar moderators Lilybreeze and Eagleflight for a joint interview !!

Art by Mapledrift
[Image description : A fluffy yellow tabby cat with white chest fur is sat with her tail over her paws]

Q: Which warrior cat’s character do you feel is most like you ? Why is that ?

Eagleflight : I feel like for me at least it’s always hard to judge your own personality, but probably Hollyleaf. I relate to her in the way that I also value rules and honesty, and generally try to do the right thing, even if my actions might not always be the correct ones. Also, I’m really bad at keeping secrets!! As well to an extent I relate to Brambleclaw, as I enjoy going to new places and like the challenge of proving myself to other people.

Art by Kat
[Image description : A white cat with brown tabby parthces and green eyes is standing]

Lilybreeze : I feel like I’m most like Lilyheart! She’s all about caring for those around her no matter what, and feels like even if the world is falling apart then that’s no reason to stop caring about the people you love. She’s a smaller character in the books, but she’s been through a lot and prioritizes kindness and common sense over everything. I try to emulate that a lot in my day to day life.

Q: How did you get into Warrior Cats ?

Eagleflight : When I was in primary school, every Saturday I would go to the library and borrow 7 or 8 books to read and then return them the following week and borrow more books. It was on one of these trips in October 2016, when I was in year 5, that I discovered Warriors. I loved (and still do love) cats so I saw ‘Warrior Cats’ on the spine of A Dangerous Path and I picked it up. The Warriors book I ended up borrowing and reading first was Starlight as I thought it came before A Dangerous Path (since it had a number 4 on the spine). I didn’t read it for a bit but when I read it, I absolutely fell in love with the series and begged my mum to get a A Dangerous Path from the library whilst I was at school and also to let me order all the other books in the series. I didn’t find the Blog until almost 3 years later, but I was extremely close to finding it in early 2017 as I spent hours scrolling through the Warriors Wiki on the family laptop, reading about all the characters. If only I had clicked on one of the links that said ‘Kate’s Blog’… 😛

Lilybreeze : Early in Elementary school I discovered “Into the Wild” in my school library and fell in love with it. I sped-read my way through all the released books at the time, and would forget about them until the next few came out. In Nov. of 2020 I found the Blog, so by then I was well into my warriors journey, but it drew me right back in again.

[Image Description : White cat sat on a grey carpet, reading an old book with a mug just behind it]

Q: What’s your favourite way to spend some time away from the Blog ?

Eagleflight : In my free time, I love to play musical instruments! I play both strings and brass, and I love going to Orchestra and also my Silver Band. I’ve made so many friends at both groups and I wouldn’t change joining them for the world. They have also undoubtedly made me a better player than I could ever be playing on my own.

Lilybreeze : The majority of my time is taken up by acting! I try to do a show every Fall and Spring which consumes 3/5 of my weekdays. Outside of that, I do horseback riding and I try to make time for song-writing and poetry! I also staff quite a few roleplay servers and so the rest of my time – minus school work of course 😉 – goes to that.

[Image Description : A ginger tabby kitten is relaxing in a small deck chair on some sand]

Q: Lilybreeze, you said horseback riding was something you enjoyed, if the warrior cats characters were human, which ones would you most like to go riding with and why ?

Definitely Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Finleap! All of them are well known characters from different points in the books who I think have cool stories and I’d love to see more of.

Q: Now a question for Eaglefight ! If warrior cats were human, which do you think would enjoy playing musical instruments with you and why ?

I think these cats would enjoy playing musical instruments: Greystripe because he is good natured and also seems like a tuba player to me; Lionblaze would play trumpet because he would like the loud sound it makes, and how it can sound very triumphant in orchestral scores; Alderheart because he’s quite gentle and I feel he would see the art to playing an instrument – he’d play flute or harp; Cinderpelt would be enthusiastic and enjoy playing in a group, I also feel like she’d play viola; Hollyleaf because her dedication and determination would make her a fantastic player and I can definitely see her as concertmaster/leader of the orchestra (head of the first violins).

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[Image Description : Realistically drawn black cat with green eyes]

Q: If you had to choose a non-canon ship in Warrior Cats, which would be your favourite? What about a canon ship?

Eagleflight : I’m not sure if it’s canon or not, but I absolutely love Raven x Barley! Reading about them makes me genuinely smile and they are such a purr-fect couple! For a ship that I know is definitely canon, one of my favourites is definitely Cloudtail x Brightheart because I find it really sweet and also has such good development.

Lilybreeze : Non-canon – Tall x Jake
Canon – Either Spark x Lark or Feather x Crow 😀

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island with 3 BlogClanners, who would you want to be there with you and why?

Eagleflight : I would take Redblaze because she is so trustworthy (I would honestly trust her with my life), also we often see things from completely different perspectives so that would be very useful. Also Blueheart as she is very resourceful and I feel she’d be able to come up with an epic plan to get off the island. And finally Snowbreeze as she is so funny and cheerful so she’d keep spirits up and make it into a fun adventure. If I was allowed luggage, my red suitcase would have to come too, as I literally take it on every trip with me, and I like to think of it as a bit of a TARDIS because it’s expandable. I would definitely not ever consider taking some more BlogClanners along in my suitcase…

Lilybreeze : Oooo, that’s a tough one. There’s so many amazing people on the Blog. My first pick would probably be Sparkshimmer. She’s an utterly amazing person, super level headed, and awesome at just talking through different ideas with you. I’ll have to go with Goldenfawn next – they were my mentor and I still definitely consider them a friend. They are always around with an encouraging word, motivation, and would be super helpful there. Lastly I’d have to go with Viperfrost – always around in any situation, and arson will likely show up at one point or another along the way, so of course xe will need to be there for that.

[Image Description : A cat walking along an open beach with a tropical forest and hills in the background]

Q: If you got stuck in the world of warrior cats, would you be a warrior or a medicine cat ?

Eagleflight : A medicine cat for sure! I really like science and medicine – in fact I actually want to study medicine at university! Also, I don’t think I’d be a very good warrior. In real life, I’m small and physically weak so I think cat-me would probably be similar and therefore an easy target in battle. Plus, I’m not very brave so if I ever had to fight, I’d probably run away 😛

Lilybreeze : Probably a medicine cat! For one, I don’t think I’d be tough enough to be a warrior, but also I just love making people feel better – physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

Q: What’s your favourite part of the Blog?

Eagleflight : Hmm that’s hard!! If it wasn’t dead, I would say the Doctor Who Discussion Page. However, I’m going to have to be basic and say the Tavern because I like it’s laid-back, friendly nature! Although, I do like the Hazelpage too…

Lilybreeze : Allegiances Chat Page!! I don’t speak there much, but I love seeing all the people just being so supportive of one another 😀

[Image description : A tabby cat with a white muzzle is laying down with it’s head rested on a plush heart]

Now in another twist, our interviewees have some questions for the audience !!

Eagleflight : What is your favourite memory of anything Warriors related? This can be irl or from BlogClan!

Lilybreeze : what’s the biggest thing the blog has given you?

And that just about wraps up today’s issue for BlogClanner in the Spotlight !!! I hope you enjoyed reading this and learning a little more about some of our newest editions to the moderator team. See you next time !!! And a big thank you to Lilybreeze and Eagleflight for being wonderful throughout the interview

Mapledrift | he/xe/it + other neopronouns


  • My favorite (or most memorable) memory is when I was 3 1/2 I was at Eau Claire Dells I was running along the rocks, and my dog Molly (R.I.P you are missed!) was behind me and made me trip and I busted my forhead and now I have a big ol scar there also sometimes it hurts (HARRY POTTER??)

    The BlogClan has given me friends and family! I like that people like my art and A Falcon’s Despair! Thank you everyone (especially Silv!) 😊

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    You all did amazing!

    My favorite memories are when my friend introduced it to me. She showed me it and invited me to roleplay. It was so fun!

    I think the Blog has given me a healthy place to express my opinions and have fun!

  • 🌟🎆 3...2...1... Happy 2023! 🎆🌟 💖 Hooray for Stellarlune and Chapter 42! 🥳 May these next 365 days be filled to capacity with happiness and achievement! 🌊✨(Streampaw/lark, she/her)✨ 🌊 says:

    This is so wonderful – the first BlogClanner in the Spotlight that I’ve read, and I’m so glad that these special issues have returned. To answer the questions, my favorite Warriors-related memory is probably when some of my real-life friends and I collaborated on our first fan-fiction together, which we called the “Shattered Moon arc”. We were each responsible for writing one book to form a four-book series, and each member of our project wrote about a different prophecy-chosen apprentice. (I wrote about my original character named Streampaw/cloud, who was the inspiration for my current BlogClan name, though my love of RiverClan, Feathertail, and water/swimming also played a significant role) I recall this endearing moment being the primary time my friends and I genuinely connected and worked together – it was so much fun to share progress in real life! Meanwhile, the largest thing that the Blog has given me is writing confidence and a supportive family of book-loving friends. Before joining BlogClan, I didn’t have much inspiration or reason to write fantasy aside from preventing boredom – and I was nervous to share my stories, the perfectionist that I still remain. However, BlogClan provided a safe and welcoming place to present my writing AND gather story seeds… two in one! Its members are also such superbly cordial, compassionate, and intelligent people who always give the best advice and reassurance.

  • I love this! I like to see how I relate(partially) to the mods and how we’re different! I’m definitely like Eagleflight on the “would you be a warrior or med cat” question. Once when I was in second grade a woman asked if I was in kindergarten🙄and that pattern has continued, so apparently I look two years younger than I actually am! Oh, and I skipped a grade. That might make a difference too. BUT. I am still tiny. And weak. And I also memorized all the herbs, so I would probably be a med cat.

  • ❤️🌹 Rose That Blooms At Dawn (Rosedawn) 🌹❤️ She/they | Rose or Rosey | Vouch for Silverdusk! says:

    This was my first ever BiTS! We all love you Lil and Aquila! Tysm for everything you do for us <3

    My happiest memory was probably 1) when I met Silvo or 2) when my little brother was born.

    The blog was given me a place to retreat too when life is stressful.

  • Great interview! 😀
    The favorite memory Warriors has given me happened about two years ago? We went book hunting for A Shadow in RiverClan, only our local bookstores were all out. We eventually found it in a wonderful little bookstore we didn’t even know about till then! Those were a couple funny days, and I remember I was very excited that I could read A Shadow in RiverClan after an eternity of waiting (aka ’bout two days). Also the bonus of a newly discovered great bookstore 😉
    The biggest thing the Blog has given me is probably letting me know that all emotions are valid. Before, I was a bit scared of talking about things that made me scared or sad or depressed. Well after storming the hug page with looong vents I can assure you I’m no longer ashamed of the times I’m feeling something other than happy and optimistic XD

  • This was such a fun BiTS! 😀 It was so interesting and informative to read through both of your answers. Aquila and Lil, you do a great job spreading cheer through your calendar posts and in general – the Blog’s lucky to have you guys! 🙂 I’ve gotta say, Aquila, the characters you chose to play instruments and what instruments they’d choose based on their personalities was very interesting! I really like things like that 😀 And thanks for choosing me for a desert island scenario, I would definitely try to keep things up even if the heat was terrible! 😛
    Also, Lil, when I read the horseback-riding question I first thought “There’s so many choices!” but yours make perfect sense! I can just imagine those characters sharing wild stories that would make the ride that much more entertaining 😛

    To answer the questions – I’m not sure if I have a favorite Warriors memory! Probably the day I came to BlogClan as it enriched my life. I remember also wanting the hardcover edition of Bluestar’s Prophecy and my dad took me specially to Barnes and Noble to get it, which was sweet of him.
    The biggest thing the Blog’s given me is friendships! Everyone is so caring and warm, and I have met some of my best friends here. I’m so happy and grateful I found this site <33

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