[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]

Why ShadowClan Deserves Better๐ŸŒ” by LionStep

LionStep discusses the treatment of ShadowClan in Warriors.

[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]
Art by Apofiss
[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]

This story is similar to the story of the NightWings.

Think: Why is darkness always portrayed as evil or malevolent?

You know ShadowClan. The “bad guys” of the Warrior Cats world. Plagued with bad leaders, horrible food supply, and, worst of all, the bias.

ThunderClan: “Those mangy crow-food eaters…they’ve had too many chances!”
RiverClan: “What ShadowClan?”
WindClan: “Too slow, SlugClan!”
SkyClan: “Deal with them. Just get rid of those fox-hearts.”

Every time ShadowClan does something “bad”, it is pinned down, and gets clawed.

(by now, ShadowClan wouldn’t have fur, just a scraped body covered in blood)

It is all too true, these days, where 99% of the books are based on ThunderClan characters of the goody two paws Clan. Sure, there were decent leaders in ShadowClan, like BlackStar, but…nothing is really noticeably good about them. They barely get any time to show their true, good motives. Instead of thinking of them as Lawful Evil, we should really think of them as Chaotic Good. The thing is, ShadowClan has gone through so much hate. But now, I tell you a story of a weed. Weeds, everyone hates weeds. They aren’t the most impressive plants, and don’t have the highest reputation. Everyone uses crazy tools, chemicals, and even exterminators to get rid of them. But the thing is-they still exist, through all of the danger. Against all odds, they live on. Plus, weeds can be HELPFUL! Ex: A hungry bee needs pollen, and he/she/they can get their pollen from the weed. (dandelion) Now, think of ShadowClan. From book 1, they have been the “bad guys”. All sorts of punishments, among other things, were put of the innocent cats for something their leaders did. But throughout, ShadowClan still survives. In a bad condition, but yes, they survive the hate the other clans, the fandom, (and even the Erins) put on them. Now, reader, think about this. Just because ShadowClan leaders made mistakes doesn’t mean that the clan itself should get all of the hate that it deserves. Finally, remember this;

It wasn’t a ShadowClan warrior who killed LionHeart, it was a ThunderClan cat instead.

LionStep, Out!

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    • Well, they kind of deserve it. After all, none of the cats have stood up against those leaders and went along with whatever bad stuff they did and actually supported them. A SHADOWCLAN CAT helped the kin rise to power, and they never see the actions of their past. The only good cats from there was Tawny pelt and mostly that’s all I can remember.

      • Good cats: Dovewing, Hollyspots, Pebble, Tall Shadow, Tawnypelt, Juniperclaw, Shadowsight, Sunbeam…

        • DOVEWING NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!! (haha when I get mad about Dovewing, grammar dies)๐Ÿ˜›

      • They were too scared and they feared those leaders. Shadowclan!!! โšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšกโšก

  • ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ† 3...2...1... Happy 2023! ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŒŸ ๐Ÿ’– Hooray for Stellarlune and Chapter 42! ๐Ÿฅณ May these next 365 days be filled to capacity with happiness and achievement! ๐ŸŒŠโœจ(Streampaw/lark, she/her)โœจ ๐ŸŒŠ says:

    Great article! I agree that ShadowClan receives far too much hate from its neighboring Clans; ThunderClan warriors often form false assumptions that the entirety of ShadowClan is evil when, genuinely, only one malevolent leader or cruel warrior is. There are numerous benevolent ShadowClan cats, in fact, with Tawnypelt, Dovewing, Lightleap, and others being great examples. Going off that tangent, I really enjoyed reading this article! It was brief, but you still managed to support your point with good textual evidence and analysis – most of all, I liked your comparison between weeds and ShadowClan. Nice job! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • I agree, shadowclan and the nightwings are silimar, in name and problems

    Nightwings are potryaed as dark black dragons speckled by stars, the had darkstalker, the cause of arc 2.

    Shadowclan, potrayed by drak furred night dwelling cats, they had brokenstar tigerstar I and many other tirant leaders, is that really their fault?
    Are the nightwings the cause of darkstalkers evils? No
    So why should shadowclan? As a whole clan they are as good as any other, like the slithers of harry potter too, its people, not the groups who are antagonistic
    For those who argue, โ€œshadowclan supported and followed the Tirant leader!โ€ They didnt, infact its part of the CODE, โ€œthe leaders word is lawโ€ The code is the heart and soul of the clans, if they dont follow it. They say they are as good as rouges.

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