[image description: a blue-grey cat with blue eyes sits facing the right. "shyranno" is written above its back]

My Opinion On Controversial Characters by Forestshade

Forestshade shares their thoughts on some characters from the series.

[image description: a blue-grey cat with blue eyes sits facing the right. "shyranno" is written above its back]
Art by Shyranno’s Art (tumblr: shyranno)
[image description: a blue-grey cat with blue eyes sits facing the right. “shyranno” is written above its back]

Hey y’all! It’s me again, Forestshade! Although you might know me as Forest, Cool Shade of Golden Forest or Shaded Forest. Today, I’m going to be giving my opinion on controversial warrior cats characters!
MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING: Bluestar’s Prophecy, Broken Code, The Power of Three, New Prophecy, Omen of the Stars
MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING: Spottedleaf’s Heart, Prophecies Begin and Mapleshade’s Vengeance
Shoutout to Turtledapple who gave me characters to talk about! Thanks so much!
With that out of the way, let’s begin!
Onestar – (This will be disregarding Onestars Confession as I haven’t read it yet btw) One of the things I see MOST is people saying that they like Onewhisker but not Onestar. And I’m honestly the same way. As a warrior, he was kind, fairly generic honestly, and good friends with Firestar. But then he became a leader and kind of turned into a jerk. From an antagonistic standpoint, Onestar works fine. I just think that some people, along with myself, miss the Onestar from Prophecies Begin.
Millie – You either love her, or you hate her. (Or you’re me and you feel conflicted lol.) Most people dislike Millie because they say that she is a bad mother. Others like her because she’s a good mate or a nice cat. And both of you are right! Millie was a terrible mother! And just a disclaimer, not because of Blossomfall. Because of Briarlight. It’s okay to feel protective over your kit, but Millie overreacted and freaked out. Which would’ve been slightly okay if she hadn’t done it right in front of Briarlight. She made Briarlight think that she was useless or that she didn’t have the right to eat, etc. etc. Moonkitti has a great video on it, link at the end! But, just because she’s a bad mother doesn’t make her a bad mate. I think that Millie is the better mate for Graystripe over Silverstream, but that’s an article for another day. She was also kind to other warriors and was only ever genuinely terrible to Jayfeather, Blossomfall and Briarlight. (Maybe Leafpool too but I can’t remember.) So yeah, I think she’s a bad mother but a great mate and a good friend!
Dovewing – Erm, she’s not my favorite character, but I don’t hate her either! She’s never really done anything that might justify me hating her…but she’s also done nothing to make her my favorite character. I find her kind of generic. Kind, gentle and softhearted. She’s also defensive when it comes to her love-life. I do dislike both of her ships. She would’ve been better with Foxleap in my humble opinion. Yes I am one of those ppl lol. I do think that she and Ivypool have communication issues. If they’d just both sat down and talked it out reasonably, so much could’ve been avoided throughout countless situations. I don’t think she’s a complete Mary-Sue…but she’s not far from one either. Honestly, I feel kind of neutral towards her. What do you think of Dovewing?
Spottedleaf – Alright, Spottedstalk- I mean Spottedleaf time! Truthfully, I feel kind of neutral to her as well. She was in the arc when she was alive for a singular book, so at the time we as readers couldn’t really connect with her. We just knew Firepaw liked her. Then she started showing up in his dreams. Again. And again. Annnnd again. *Sigh* Her novella brought a little more light onto her personality. Sweet and innocent, but also kind of bossy and ambitious. Those last traits disappeared slightly when she became a medicine cat. But sometimes I do think that Spottedleaf acted entitled because of her roles, especially around Jayfeather in late Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. Again, this is a character who shouldn’t be fiercely hated….or loved. She was only alive for one book and the most controversial thing about her are her ships. (Firestar x Spottedleaf and Thistleclaw x Spottedleaf. Both which are vastly inappropriate age wise.) But as a person, with a personality, that’s not talked about much. Most people judge her for her ships which makes me feel kind of bad for her. Overall, she’s a fine character and it’s okay to like or dislike her. I just don’t think hating her as a person is often justified.
Ashfur – Okay, here we go. Ashfur became a relevant character in the latter half of the New Prophecy when he started expressing feelings for Squirrelflight. He was later dumped and was NOT happy about it. He helped set up the trap for Firestar on the lake that nearly killed him in order to get back at Squirrelflight. He remained semi-important when he became Lionblaze’s mentor in Power of Three. Then came the fire scene where Ashfur really had his debut. He wanted to kill Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather, Squirrelflight’s kits, in order to get back at her for dumping him. (Literally years ago…get over it dude!) It was then Squirrelflight revealed that Holly, Jay and Lion were not her kits in order to save them. Ashfur planned to announce it to everyone at the Gathering, but Hollyleaf killed him before he could. He went to StarClan and was never heard from again…until Broken Code because he apparently just COULDN’T forget that Squirrelflight broke up with him. So he took over Bramblestar’s body and tried to bring about the end of the Clans to hurt her in the biggest way possible. Yeah, the guy holds a grudge. So, what do I think of this controversial maniac? I think that the Erins used him all wrong. In New Prophecy, Squirrelflight should’ve chosen him, who’d treated her kindly throughout the book, over Bramblestar. Then they would’ve had kits and been happy together. The drama of the Broken Code would’ve never happened, getting rid of my least favorite arc and saving countless cats’ lives. It probably would’ve made both Squirrelflight and Ashfur happier in the long run because I believe he wouldn’t have abused her like Bramblestar does. I also think it could influence the Power of Three either for better or worse. Either way, it would’ve been an interesting path to take and I think Ashfur wasn’t used to the greatest of his potential. It’s just crazy unbelievable that he would hold a grudge for that long…. What do you guys think, I don’t even know what to believe about Ashfur anymore.
Mapleshade – Another villain. I hadn’t planned to get into her, because it’s a lot to go over, but let’s get into it anyways! I think that she should’ve gone to StarClan….originally. Hear me out here! Mapleshade was grieving when she murdered those cats. It’s what the authors set up, it’s what they wanted to happen and most likely what they wanted you to perceive. (Most likely, I am not the Erins, so don’t take that too seriously.) So when she died, I think that she should’ve been given the chance to go to StarClan. There, she would be with her innocent, sweet kits. She would have time to think over what she’d doen and maybe forgive and become a better cat. Instead of taking the chance, StarClan dumped her in the Dark Forest, allowing her thoughts and jealousy to fester. And I think it’s because she wasn’t with her kits that she was able to turn evil. If she’d been in StarClan, things might’ve been different. Besides, if they took a chance on Ashfur, they definitely should’ve with Mapleshade.
Bluestar – I like her! Her SE is one of my favorites! Her character arc is cool along with her fierce personality. I liked Oak x Blue in the moment, but later thought that her and Crookedstar might have been better. I don’t think she should’ve been mates with Thrushpelt. I love him! Especially since he was still so respectful with her even after she made it clear that she wasn’t ever going to love him as a mate.

Whelp, thank you so much for reading! What do you think of these controversial characters? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Let me know in the comments and thanks for your time!
Goodbye from the Forest!

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  • Wonderful article!
    I agree with all of these! I like Millie, though I think she shouldn’t have had kits, or at least only have had ONE kit, she was never really ready for three ;-;

  • 🗻🎶🪨DIES🎵🪨IRAE🪨🎵Slate🪨🎶🗻 llll~LINGLING WANNABES UNITE~llll | 🗯(Tchaikovsky Sym. 6 & Verdi Requiem are so good)🗯 says:

    Seriously though – I agree with most of this. Except “Mapleshade should be in StarClan”. So . . . Say somebody murdered three other people. She was mad with grief. Would you let her go with literally no consequences? No, I don’t think so.

    And them giving Ashfur a chance, is a wrong decision. Not being with her kits wasn’t what made Mapleshade evil – but it was certainly a part of it, along with her fury at StarClan and her hatred against the cats she killed.

    (And now . . . On to another topic, would she have redeemed herself in StarClan, even when she crosses paths with the cats she murdered frequently, a constant reminder of what she’s done and why she’s done it?)

  • Great article!

    But Ashfur would have abused Suirrelflight. He does abuse her in TBC. That’s how he would act as her mate. Also Ashfur proved he is a bad, abusive, obsessive, creep. He tries to murder her father and her kits. He is an awful person who doesn’t deserve Squirrelflight and it isn’t her job to make him happy so he won’t murder and possess other cats.

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