[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

Just talking about my favorite cat ever! Who deserves all the love! by Bristleflight

Bristleflight talks about their favourite character, Bristlefrost.

[image description: light grey cat with blue eyes sits on a fallen tree trunk in a forest]
Art by BeintingOwo
[image description: light grey cat with blue eyes sits on a fallen tree trunk in a forest]

Heya it’s me bristleflight it been a year since my favorite characters death and I’ve tried to stop thinking about it but it impossible!

I hope she gets a plush and a mini because I need to hug her!

She was a niev cat at the start who I thought I would hate but grew to appreciate the unique approach.

As she grew so did my love of her!
Untill that day were she died sacrificeing her life for every clan cat ever lived or living. If you still hate her after she did that (bristlefrost and Rootspring were not rushed they had 3 books what would you want another dovetiger) so if your reasoning for not liking her is that and say she was better in book one but she was just as my little helpless romantic who is relatetable to teens aka me everywhere! So why not like her think about it tell me what you think! I needed to poor out my feelings about bristlefrost here! She promised to help spotfur showing growth. There’s this one scene in lost stars were she volunteers for something and bristlefrost is hatefull but then recognized that she was a great warrior and was impressed!

Her and Rootspring are so cute together and she has great relationships with lots of cats like spotfur stemleaf rosepettle bramblestars imposter squilf shadowsight rootspring the dark forest cats. She is very interesting and has some cool thoughts and unique monologue.

Tbc was so cool and had the most injoyable plot and cast of characters of any warrior cats book. She is super underrated for what she did and the warriors term needs to put more focuse on her plush and mini please!

I would pay hundreds for that she deserves the world!

She’s sweet smart but gullible lovesick and holds her own against mappleshade which is impressive untill stuped thistleclaw came along. So may her spirit be out there somewhere and mods if you could post this on November 9 the exact date of the book release aka her death day it’s my own holiday I have I spend that hull day looking at bristlefrost stuff will draw I picture and just think about her so ya not a holiday a memorial day.

ALitm will always and forever be my favorite book and bristlefrost my favorite character!

Bristleflight out!

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