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MoonTabby rates the covers of the super editions.

Hello, it’s Moon! Today I am going to be eating all the covers of… Super Editions in Warrior Cats! At least as far as we’ve seen. By the time this is published, there’s probably going to be another SE cover revealed, so understand that these are all I know of at the time of writing. I hope the images I pasted in here work, since I haven’t tried it in a long time and I’m not sure if I did it right. If not, can you mods spare some time hunting down these covers for me? Thanks! ❤️
I will give my opinion of, first, the original book cover, and then the remake of it, if it has one. Many of the early Super Editions had more vintage-style covers that were replaced by digital art.
As a self-taught artist, I’m very picky with art. If even one detail is off and it catches my eye, I can never look at that piece the same again! 😅 So, for that reason, there are some Super Edition covers that I can’t stand, and others that I think are beautiful! Bear with me and my over-critical judgments. These are all my opinions. I hope you enjoy!

• Firestar’s Quest

There are two different covers for this book: the original, and then the newer one, which I’m pretty sure is digital. First, I’ll review the original cover.

This one is very bland and looks almost vintage in the color schemes. Down below, I’m going to mention the color scheme of Bluestar’s Prophecy, which is blue and white – like her name, right? Blue? But how does an almost-neon yellow and blue reflect Firestar’s name and personality? Yellow I might understand, but not blue. Now, Firestar definitely looks cute and fluffy! But it’s not terribly sharp and clear; the fur and everything about it is a bit muted. As a piece of artwork itself, it’s really good, but on the cover of a book, it’s kind of lacking. Plus, I don’t know, I imagined his coat to be more orange? And why isn’t his head bigger? We want to see more of him, not less!

Now, especially when you compare the first cover with… THIS! 👇 Yesss, that’s what I was expecting! Firestar’s coat is a lot more fiery and a deep orange, and his eyes are gorgeous! It’s a million times more realistic, from his fur to the shading and lighting. The color scheme is also so pleasing and calming: a very soft tannish-white with gold sparkles. I’m usually not one for digital art and would rather see it in a traditional style, but I can’t deny that on the covers of these books, they’re ✨beautiful!✨

• Bluestar’s Prophecy

The original cover is actually very beautiful! Even though Bluestar’s fur is a little too blue, it’s still gorgeous. The color scheme is especially nice, with an ivory white background and dark blue lettering!

I do love the new cover, but on second inspection after a while, it’s eating away at me a bit. In the first cover, Bluestar was shorthaired; but now, she’s long-haired? Make up your minds, Warrior Cats: is it short or is it long? Not that hard to just pick one! First cover, she had a black nose. Now her nose is pink. And her fur isn’t as dark as it used to be: it’s more of a realistic grayish-blue. I actually don’t mind that. But the texture of her fur just seems so… off. It’s so wavy under her chin and doesn’t look like a real cat, really. More like a human face with fur? I can’t quite put my finger on it – but does anyone else notice something weird about the new Bluestar? Tell me that so I don’t think I’m overreacting!

• SkyClan’s Destiny

It’s odd that this is the only book that doesn’t have a specific cat in the name, like Firestar and Bluestar, but just… SkyClan. Not Leafstar, just “SkyClan”. Anyway, so, I’m not really a fan of this cover either? The cat on the cover is Leafstar. But this looks too much like Firestar! Or is it just me? The fur is kind of smudged and not all that stark or realistic. Cute, but could be upgraded.

Okay… um, it’s nice, and better than the first, but does it even look like our Leafstar? No! It doesn’t! She is described as a mottled cream-and-brown tabby, but we just see one straight color here. We even see more of her body here! I’d probably think it was Sandstorm or some other cat before I’d guess Leafstar. Besides not looking like the cat it’s supposed to represent… it’s still beautiful!

• Crookedstar’s Promise

Really good! Purple background? Love it! Such a pretty color! But – but – why didn’t they include Crookedstar’s, well, crooked jaw? Maybe because he didn’t have it as a kit….? I don’t know the reason for excluding it, but I would’ve really loved to have seen his broken jaw! The rest of him is super cute too. I LOVE the unique downtilt of his head instead of straight up. Though the position does hide his jaw more, it’s a very interesting pose and just as beautiful!

Now the next cover – GAH, AH, what the heck did they do?! What is up with the ugly red that’s in, well, everything? I love the color red – it’s my favorite color – but it’s TOO much. I get it, Dark Forest theme and all, but it doesn’t help that Crookedstar also seems to have darker fur here. On a positive note, I love that they finally included his broken jaw.

• Yellowfang’s Secret

Personally, this is my least favorite cover out of all of them! It’s just… bland. The fur looks smudged as if drawn with crayons and there’s not even any texture to it! Like, no individual hairs. Her whiskers are also way too thick to be realistic. Have you seen a cat’s whiskers? Or dog whiskers? Or even a strand of your own hair? They’re so incredibly thin and delicate, and should be only barely visible on a drawing. But Yellowfang’s whiskers are really thick. Not natural. The color scheme is fine, but it’s not my favorite. But there’s still some good qualities about it! The face is perfectly flat, the eyes are gorgeous, and the ears are tiny, like her mini.

But this… this is NOT Yellowfang. (Hmm, a Yellowfang impostor stole her place on the front? Possibly?) Where is her blunt, squashed muzzle? Where are her scars? On a comparison between both new covers for “Bluestar’s Prophecy” and “Yellowfang’s Secret”, we see that the new Yellowfang has just as much blue tint in her fur as Bluestar! Yellowfang is supposed to be dark gray, but apparently no one gets that right. Her mini is black, and now her redone cover gives her lighter, more bluish fur. Besides that, she also looks a bit unnatural. I’ve seen fan art of their own version for this cover which is a hundred times better! But this isn’t the worst of covers, certainly.

• Tallstar’s Revenge

The original is nice and pretty. I don’t have strong opinions on it – I don’t hate it, but I still like it. Tallstar is so cute too! With his cute little stripe up the snout! (They’re supposed to be fierce warriors, but they make my heart melt) 😛

The digital remake is also SO pretty! The white and teal color scheme is calming. Tallstar actually looks real! Plus we see a lot more of his body, not just his face. In this one, he has a splotch of white on his back and on his far shoulder. His amber eyes are also so beautiful!

• Bramblestar’s Storm

I can’t lie. I’m disappointed with the original cover. Look, he’s cute, but his face is too blurry and dark. There’s also a sliver of a background behind his face, within the circle, which is nearly the color of his fur as well. NOT a good call! I can barely make out his silhouette to distinguish him from the sky behind him. I want to see more tabby markings, more… of Bramblestar. It doesn’t look like an adult cat, especially not the leader we envision. That face looks like a kitten’s. The color scheme is also so muted – again, I love red, but not this. This is more of a vermilion, orange-red, which is making me uncomfortable…

Ah, there’s the better Bramble! Soooo much better! First off, let me just say: this new color scheme is so pretty! That’s the shade of red I like, and the white background makes his pelt stand out. My only problem is that he looks a little too much like Firestar – I know they have different eyes, but Bramblestar’s fur down here looks like a deep hue of orange. I could easily confuse them if I passed over their eyes. Still, AMAZING cover!

• Moth Flight’s Vision

This book is the start of digital covers from the start, with no remakes. Which is easy for me because I don’t have to include two different covers! This is one of the most BEAUTIFUL and MAJESTIC Warriors covers I’ve ever seen! And have you seen the full artwork for the hardcovers? I’m not including the picture here, but it’s just as stunning with Moth Flight against the sparkling Moonstone! ✨ Ah! I can’t get over how amazing she looks on the main cover against the dark purple backdrop. Instead of the bottom part full of cats being the same color as the font, they made it black but kept the title silver. Looks SO good! Her eyes seem a little too green – like, super vivid electric green – but they’re still beautiful!

• Hawkwings’s Journey

Again, SO gorgeous! Everything is perfect about it. His gray fur looks so realistic and fluffy, and his amber eyes look so much like Violetshine’s. I might believe they actually took a picture of a real cat! *thunderous applause* The blue font and background also seem to compliment his personality very well.

• Tigerheart’s Shadow

NOW this may be my absolute favorite cover! Where can I even start? Everything is flawless and perfect! The way his head is a little down, the way his ears are pinned back, and the way he looks up at us… Looks like the expression of a fierce warrior. Not to mention his beautiful fur and tabby stripes! The right side is dark, but the left is bright, like the sun is shining from that direction. Amazing shading and so much detail! I know a lot of people don’t like Tigerheart, but admit it, his cover is gorgeous, isn’t it?

• Crowfeather’s Trial

So pretty! He looks so realistic and wonderfully drawn. His blue eyes look like crystals to me. Gorgeous! Nice color scheme, nice detail in the fur… Nothing much to be critical of here.

• Squirrelflight’s Hope

Oh, my. Wow, what have they done to my Squirrelflight? Okay, so you’re going off, “What – what the heck is wrong with it? It looks fine!” I mean, it’s not horrible, but it doesn’t look right. Her head is too… sharp. And her ears are just slightly too big. Her shoulders are really hunched over behind her, and everything about it is too sharp and unnatural. Her position is too weird. However, that’s just my opinion and I can understand why it’s still nice.

• Graystripe’s Vow

Very nice, very beautiful! Another unique position of the head. Graystripe is not looking straight at us, in the generic art form; instead, he’s looking up in a more interesting manner. Like, what is he thinking? While I’m not a fan of orange, it’s a good color scheme to contrast his dark gray fur. (The cinnamon orange shade also makes me think of fall spice and everything nice! Hehe! 🍂) However, I do think they should’ve made his fur longer, you know? In his manga series, “Graystripe’s Adventure”, his cartoon coat definitely looks longer, especially when you compare him next to a shorter-furred cat. And, with all the short-furred cats that come before this book (except for Yellowfang and new Bluestar), it would be better to have more variation in coat lengths and types.

• Leopardstar’s Honor

Ah – ah – so breathtaking! 😍 She is SO realistic and as beautiful as I imagined! But… I’ve always thought of her as more of a golden color, not this orange shade borderlining russet. Still, her spots are perfect, plus she looks almost exactly like a real leopard, except with pointier ears.

• Onestar’s Confession

Now, he looks really scared? Or nervous? His yellow eyes are gorgeous, and his fur is nice too! But remember his warrior name, Onewhisker? Let’s talk about that for a sec. What a weird name! And how did he get that suffix? The cover for his Super Edition should have cleared that up if they’d done something different with his whiskers, like drawn only a few or made one of them a different color! But he has many whiskers, and all are the same color. So that theory goes out the window… *sigh* And the prefix, “One”, might make us think that oh, maybe he’s from a single litter? But I’ve heard that he has siblings now in his SE, so again, another wrecked theory.

And so that wraps up this article! What do you think? I get that I have some critical points, but they’re just my opinions. What are some of your favorite covers? There are many to choose from and all can be beautiful in their own way.

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  • On the new bramblestars storm cover I think he looks more how I would expect squirrelflight to look and the new cover for yellowfangs secret her eyes are way off one is higher than the other but oh well still awesome article!

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