[Tigerstar bares his fangs at twilight, his orange eyes glowing]

the perfect villians and why their perfect by Goldenpaw

Goldenpaw lists the best villains in the series.

[image description: a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes looks towards the audience during twilight]
Art by Wings-of-North
[image description: a brown tabby cat with yellow eyes looks towards the audience during twilight]

Hi, I’m goldenpaw(hopefully goldenstar, and I am ambitious like tigerstar). I will be talking about the best villians in order of best and lower and why they are perfect for the story.

1: Tigerstar(the first one, and my father). He is a perfect villian that is ambitious, strong, bloodthirsty, and cold, the opposite of firestar. Also, he hated kittypets. That’s why it’s good to make firestar a former kittypet. Tigerstar’s cleverness got him to being deputy, and then leader. Also, i’m impressed that he managed to manipulate brambleclaw in TNP. Overall, he was just the best villian in the series.

2: Ashfur. He was clever, and the reason he is evil is cool. He managed to severe the connection between starclan and the living clans, get into bramblestar’s body, and control warrior spirits. His cunning nearly caused him to win against the clans. A formidable fighter. Just a perfect villian. His quest for vengence is the greatest.

3: Scourge. He was extremely bloodthirsty, and an awesome fighter. HE LITERALLY KILLED TIGERSTAR LIKE HE WAS A MOUSE. It was really a shame when he died.

4: Brokenstar. A vicious cat who drove windclan out of their territory with a patrol. He killed his father to becme leader. Even when he was blind, he was a good fighter.

5: Hawkfrost. He was openly ambitious. The cold blue eyes matched perfectly with his character. He is willing to kill his brother to get what he wants.
These bloodthirsty, ambitious villians are what makes warriors a great series. They add the action, which is what we all like. Also, the reason mapleshade is not up here is because I do not think of her as a really bad villian. Thistleclaw is not up here because he was a disgusting villian that tried to flirt with spottedpaw, who is much younger than him. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this article. I ask for your honest opinions only and nothing else. And finally, “Keep your eyes open, cats. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I’ll find you, and then you’ll be crowfood.” Goldenpaw stalked away.

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  • Great article! Mapleshade is probably my favourite villain :)) *shivers in fear at Goldenpaw’s outro*

  • Great article! Ashfur and Mapleshade are my favorite villains.

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