[a full-body design of Swiftpaw sitting towards the right]

Giving kits and apprentices of StarClan warrior names by MoonShimmer

MoonShimmer gives warrior names to characters who never received one.

[image description: a white cat with black splotches and yellow eyes sits facing the right]
Art by Warrior-Junkie
[image description: a white cat with black splotches and yellow eyes sits facing the right]

Hello! This is MoonShimmer! I’m writing my first article so it might be a bit meh, but any suggestions on how to improve it would be appreciated. SO *inhales* let’s DO it!

1. Snowkit

I think Snowkit should be called Snowpounce or Snowfall because of his energetic personality. Or maybe Snowflight? Because of the eagle?

2. Mosskit

Hmmm… maybe Mosspelt? Or Mosspatch? I also think Mossheart would suit her personality, but i’m not sure… comment if you know any others!

3. Swiftpaw

Okay… I have a LOT for Swiftpaw! My first one is Swiftheart, because of his really brave death fighting the dogs. Swiftbreeze (is that cannon?) could also work, as well as Swifttail.

4. Hopekit

For Hopekit, I think HopeBreeze of Hopepool sound nice, but my favourite is probably Hopewhisper, because it just sounds really nice, and I think it suits her.

5. Wishkit

Well, Wishpool could work well with Hopepool, and I also quite like Whishheart as well as WhishWhisker and Whishstorm. I’m not sure about these though so any suggestions would be great! (:

6; Seedpaw

Urmmm… I’m not actually sure…Could Seeddapple work? Or Seedpelt? Seedspring? I just checked the wiki and relized shes actually golden, so maybe Seedbeam? Like a sunbeam?

7: Elderkit

Oof, this ones hard! Elderfur or Elderleap if he was a warrior, but if he was a medicine cat, maybe Elderleaf or Elderberry? Or Elderbranch?

8. Tulipkit

I like the sound of Tulippetal, but also Tulipleaf. Theres also ones like Tuliptail or Tulipfur, but those are kinda boreing if you ask me.

9. Juniperkit

I think for Juniperkit,the name Juniperfall suits him best, but i also really like Juniperpelt and Juniperlight.

10. Tadpole
Maybe Tadpoleleap? Tadpoletail i also like.

11. Hollykit

I like Hollysong, or Hollytail. Hollybranch is also ok, allong with Hollyfur and Hollypelt.

12. Shrewpaw

I dont like Shrewheart, because its a bit like the insult ‘mouse heart’ and it would’nt exactly make him sound like a brave warrior. I think Shrewclaw or Shrewfang could work though.

13. Storkkit

Well I’m not really sure about this one… maybe Storkflight or Storkfeather? Storkfur I also like.

14. Quailkit

I have a lot more names for Quailkit, my favourite probably being Quailsong. I also like Quailwing and QuailClaw.

Okay! So i hope you enjoyed this article! I know i didn’t do all of them, but i ran out of time. I might do a part two though. Should i? And of course if you think of any names twell me!

Bye! 😀

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