[a side profile of Yellowfang carefully examining an herb with a purple flower in her paws]

Yellowfang’s possibilities by Dapplepaw

Dapplepaw wonders what would’ve changed if Yellowfang’s story had gone differently.

[image description: a black cat with orange eyes holds a purple flower and faces the right]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[image description: a black cat with orange eyes holds a purple flower and faces the right]

Hi, I’m Dapplepaw/leaf and this if my first article. I think the way Yellowfang was treated was not that well, and some possibilities of what could have happened if she was a warrior.

If Yellowfang didn’t have this power to feel the pain of others, she could have been an awesome warrior! Also, some medicine cats had no choice but to become a medicine cat, like Cinderpelt, Jayfeather, Spottedleaf kind of but not really. from what I’ve heard, she did it only to avoid Thisleclaw. So back to Yellowfang. The good part of not having the power is that she could become a warrior and be happy another good part is that when it came to Brokenstar, he could have been Yellowfang’s kit, and was claimed as her’s. He might have turned out way better. And wind clan would have never been driven out. But if Yellowfang was still a medicine cat and she still has the power thing, if she claimed that Brokenstar was her kit, he might have been happier and Yellowfang could raise him herself, and the other kits might not have teased him that much. but if Yellowfang wasn’t banished by Brokenstar, ThunderClan would have died out, because they had no medicine cat, but I think StarClan would choose some kit like Leafpool and teach her or him medicines. But in the meantime, ThunderClan would have suffered a lot. So in summary, I think that the way the books were written, is fine the way it is now, because if Yellowfang were not there, that would change the destiny of the clans forever, such as ThunderClan and WindClan becoming friendly with each other, the two kits Marigoldkit and Mintkit being killed, the elders being banished, ThunderClan would have suffered, but without Brokenstar, the books would be boring and Brokernstar was there to make it interesting. And if Brokenstar wasn’t there, Raggedstar might have found another she-cat and made her his mate, and Yellowfang would be sad. I don’t hate Brokenstar, he was made evil to make the books interesting, but if he was a good cat, things would have changed a lot.

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