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Goldenpaw discusses a few different cats who have been rejected

Hi, goldenpaw here and today I will tak about cats that have gotten rejected. This is my first article, so it might be bad.
1: Mapleshade. Mapleshade, a thunderclan warrior. had kits with appledusk, who was a riverclan warrior. But frecklewish(or ravenwing) got a vision that said the kits did not belong. So mapleshade got exiled along with her kits. She went to riverclan with her kits but they drowned. Then appledusk rejected her. That led mapleshade to being evil, just like my next example.

2: Ashfur. Ashfur and squirrelflight became close while squirrelflight and brambleclaw were not close with each other. But then squirrelflight became close to brambleclaw again and had to reject ashfur. This made him angry and he became an evil cat.

3: Bristlefrost. This is the only rejection that did not lead a cat to becoing evil. Bristlefrost loved stemleaf and wished to be his mate. So when she became a warrior she told him that she loved him. But stemleaf felt that way about spotfur, and not bristlefrost. So she accepted that and moved on.

4: Thrushpelt. He loved bluefur but she rejected him. He didn’t become evil though.

5: Lionblaze. Aright, he was rejected but still ended up becoming mates with cinderheart(in other words, formerly rejected).
6: Bumblestripe. Rejected by dovewing, might turn evil later in the series, because the series is warriors so something is always happening.
7: Billystorm. Got rejected by leafstar. later became mates with leafstar after she was like, Oh, I might have kits with him and not be able to do my leadership duties
8: Tigerstar. He got rejected by sasha. He totally deserved it though.
Warriors is like 45% romance, 15% secrets and 40% action. I only feel bad that mapleshade got rejected, because, I mean, she lost her kits, and got exiled from her clan. Now I personally get it why she turned evil. But I don’t think she deserved to go to the dark forest. Also, Ashfur totally deserved to go to the dark forest instead of starclan. I hope you enjoyed this article about rejections. Please comment with honesty.

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    Oh and also
    Ravenwing gazed at her, and suddenly he didn’t seem like a young, inexperienced cat anymore.
    Knowledge glittered in his eyes like frosty stars. “Birchface is not the father of these kits, is he?
    Rabbitfur told me what happened today, how they showed no signs of being able to stalk or pounce
    like him. And don’t tell me that they take after you instead,” he added, cutting Mapleshade off as she
    opened her mouth. “You tread as lightly as any ThunderClan warrior.” He looked past her, at the
    river splashing beyond the shade of the trees. “I watched your kits swim in that river as if they were
    fish. I think these kits were fathered by a RiverClan cat. Appledusk, I’d guess, judging by the color of
    their fur and by the way he spoke to you when he brought Patchkit back.”

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    More on the page before!

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