Happy Clanniversary, Turtledapple!!


I just wanted to celebrate our resident In the Heights and Hamilton fan! Your fun facts and comments are always the highlight of my day, and I am very glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know you <3

a calico cat, lying on its back, stretching with its eyes closed and a soft smile

As a little thank you for all you’ve done, I wanted to give you a little gift, a poem I’ve written…

Slow and steady

Consistent as the sun dappling its shell

The turtle walks on,

Stopping by the flowers,

And the bugs on the path,

Giving them a smile,

Or offering them shelter from the storm

That turtle with its dappled shell

Consistent as the sun

a turtle in the forst, looking rather peaceful as it stares off into the distance

Thank you for all you’ve given to the Blog! I hope you have the BESTEST day ever!

Enjoy this cake as you spend your day however you please <3

🍒🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 💫 🤍 mentor to mintpaw 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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