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Hollyleaf Was Good: But The Plot Was Better Since She Didn’t Get Powers by Rivershine

Rivershine discusses why Hollyleaf not getting powers was better for the series.

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[image description: a black cat with green eyes sits in a forest during sunset]

Heyo BlogClan! It’s been a while but where’s Moonpie with your daily dose of warrior cats stuff. 🙂
Today/tonight I will explain why the Warriors’ plot was better since Hollyleaf was not part of the Three.
After a bit of digging on the official Warriors website, I found an article from Cakestar (Kate) about how she had not given Hollyleaf powers because she couldn’t think about something that would be able to write for a cat. So she delayed it until OoTS when Dovewing came along. If we consider if Hollyleaf had lived, wouldn’t the DF battle happen in Power of Three?
If they had fully rounded out the series ending with a new leader and a peaceful world, couldn’t they have just called it quits with Warriors overall? The simple answer: yeah, that could have been a real possibility. But when Holly didn’t get power and went rage monster about her parentage, that created a MASSIVE plot hole for the Erins to fill and for readers to speculate about, keeping the series going.
If we also think about Hollyleaf, we remember her dedication to the code. However, the fandom seems regularly dissatisfied with the code, so the Erins also had to fix that. Which is more interesting, giving power to a code-loving, average warrior? Or a stubborn, egotistical apprentice? The second one. I’m not defending Dovewing in any way, shape, or form because I dislike her, but I am making a point that it was better and more fun to read about her than Hollyleaf.
With Hollyleaf being found in OoTS, we can fill in the gaps about where she was and deepen the understanding of the rivalry between Hollyleaf, Leafpool, Ivypool, and Dovewing. But when Hollyleaf was just “meh” with the fans, the Erins had a way to quickly dispose of her in an honorable way along with a boat ton of background characters from across the Clans.
If Hollyleaf had been chosen, the Warriors series could have ended by now, but that’s wild speculation.
All in all, Hollyleaf not receiving a power ultimately proved to be better for Warriors.
Have a good day/night!
Moonpie out!

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    • Yeah, same for me. I actually don’t like lots of main characters, but then there’s ✨JAYFEATHER✨!!!!!

  • Great article!! I agree, I’m glad Holly didn’t get powers

  • Brackenpaw/tuft who can't wait for the new Owl House episodes! Huntlow forever!!!!!!!!!(A.K.A. Lilypaw and Cricketpaw) says:

    Great article! Good points.

  • Great article!!!! I luv hollyleaf ❤️ i think it wouldn’t have been THAT bad even if she had powers but i respect the erins’ decisions 👍🏻

  • I think the plot twist of Holly not having powers was really good, but I do wish we could’ve seen her coming to terms with that more before her death… we don’t get all that much in her novella.

  • I love Hollyleaf but you make a good point but still o kinda want Hollyleaf to have a power of some sort. Good article!

  • I agree. I’m neutral when it comes to Hollyleaf (though I cried when she died), I just think she’s very interesting. Great article!

  • I never actually thought about how it was better for Hollyleaf to not receive any powers. Like, it made sense for the story, but never how it was better for the overall series.

    Personally, I think it would have been a bit better if Hollyleaf was never destined to fight Dark Forest, but rather Sol. She loves and seeks out Truth, which Sol distorts by lies. This could lead to Holly’s greatest triumph (defeating Sol) as well as her greatest failure (killing Ashfur). Atlas, I must stop writing or else I will have an article on my hands, but no dinner in my stomach.

    Thanks for feeding my mind with amazing thoughts!

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