Harry Potter/Marauders to warriors! by Flakepaw

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Flakepaw gives Harry Potter characters Warriors names

Ello! Flakepaw back it’s my 2nd article first was under the name Rockydew I believe or it might have been Sootsplash I can’t remember. Well anyway today i’m gonna give Harry Potter/Marauders characters warrior names!

Number 1 is Harry Potter himself!

Lightningscar! I say this because of the Lightning scar he got from He-who-must-not-be-named!

Number 2 Ronald(Ron) Weasley!

Redfur or Gingerfur! I say these because his hair is bright red!

Next up is Hermione Granger.

Bushyflank! I chose this cause her hair is bushy!

Then we’ve got Albus Dumbledore!
We can’t do it without Professor Dumbledore!

Grayowl/star! I say this because he has gray hair and he is very wise like an owl! The star part is cause he’s the headmaster so he’s like the leader and yeah!

Professor Snape!

Snakebowl! It’s cause Snape sounds like snake aslo he’s head of Slytherin house. Bowl cause it’s the closest to cauldron!

Professor McGonagall!

Griffinspell! She’s head of Gryffindor house and she’s the spells teacher!

Professor Sprout!

Hufflesprout! I say this because she’s Head of hufflepuff and plants teacher!

Madam Pomfrey!

Poppyjuice! I choose this because her first name is Poppy and most of the healing stuff she uses is Potions so juice!(She’d be the medicine cat!


RebelElf! I say this because he’s a house elf who is the opposite of other house elves so he’s kinda like a rebel in a way!

Now it’s the moment some or all have been waiting for the one the only and probably not one and only but you know lets go with it cause it sounds better! The one the only. . . Marauders!

First up we have Moony! A.k.a Remus Lupin in book 3(Prisoner of Azkaban) known as Professor Lupin Defense against the dark arts teacher! Yeah that job is cursed. Anyway. . . .

Moonwolf! Cause he’s a werewolf and they change at full moon!

Next we have Wormtail A.k.a Peter Petigrew! His warrior name is. . . .

Wormtail! Cause thats the name he gets for being a rat Animagus and it’s the nickname he got that treacherous short stack of not pancakes cause he’s too bad to be pancakes.

Padfoot’s next who is A.k.a Sirius Black!

Blackdog! I say this cause his animagus form is a Black dog. So yeah!

Finally it’s Prongs! A.k.a James Potter! A.k.a Harry’s Father!

Deerhorn! Cause literally thats what his neckname is after the points on deer antlers! Also his animagus is a stag. Yey!

Sooo. . . That’s all folks hope you enjoyed!

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  • Great article!! Busyflank is so cute!!! I also love the name Moonwolf!

  • Awesome! Here are three of my many, many warrior/potter names.

    Harry/// Lightingscar as well! This is because of his scar.

    Hermione/// Owldusk! Owl because she is smart, and dusk because she sneaks out at night to read books, in the forbidden library!

    Ron/// Russetpelt! For his red hair, of course!

    Dumbledore/// Alderstar! Alder just sounds wise!!! (rip)

  • 💝🌹Roselet who is very excited for Valentine’s Day​​!🌹💝 🌈Aka Rainpaw/brook, Northfeather’s one and only appendix!🌈💝 says:

    great article

  • ❄️🤍 Silverdusk of RiverClan 🤍❄️ (Silv/Silvo/Silvie) Shadedpaw's Mentor 🤍 Running for SW! ❄️ says:

    Great article!!!

  • nice names! i’d like to offer some up too!

    Harry- Shaggyscar- ‘Shaggy’ because his hair is often described as messy in the books and ‘scar’ because of his signature scar

    Ron- Firelight- ‘Fire’ because in the books his hair is bright red, and ‘light’ because of his optimism

    Hermoine- Owlspark- ‘Owl’ because she’s observant and clever like an owl, and ‘spark’ because of her short temper

    Albus- Icystream/star- ‘Icy’ because he is very powerful and calm, ‘stream’ because he is level-headed and collected

    Snape- Darkfang- ‘Dark’ because his hair is black and he primarily teaches in the dungeon, the darkest part of Hogwarts, and ‘fang’ because of his (seemingly) cruel, snappy and short-tempered attitude

    Minerva- Thornpetal- ‘Thorn’ because of her sternness and stubbornness, and ‘petal’ because of her motherly nature

    Sprout- Daisyleaf- ‘Daisy’ because of her kind and caring nature, and ‘leaf’ because of her expertise in plants

    Madam Pomfrey- Brightblossom- ‘Bright’ because she usually wears bright colours, and ‘blossom’ because of her experience with healing

    Dobby- Petalclaw- ‘Petal’ because of his meek personality and frail stature, and ‘claw’ because of his ferocious loyalty to Harry Potter

    Lupin- Clearmoon- ‘Clear’ because he is honest and trustworthy, and ‘moon’ because of his lycanthropy (being a werewolf)

    Pettigrew- Tinytoe- ‘Tiny’ because of his animagus form, a rat, and ‘toe’, because he cut off one of his fingers to frame Sirius

    Sirius- Houndtooth- ‘Hound’ because of his animagus form and his undying loyalty to his friends, and ‘tooth’ because he is quick-witted and snarky

    James- Oakbranch- ‘Oak’ because he is reliable and sturdy, and ‘branch’ because he can be prickly to those he doesn’t like

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