Winter Gathering: Teams

The Gathering is almost here! I can’t wait to see you all this weekend 😀


Without further ado, here are our teams! The formatting is a smidgen wonky, BUT, just find your name under the Column with the team name! Apprentices with suffixes listed in their name might be listed as what their warrior name would be! If you’ve changed names since then, look for your old one! I was having trouble figuring out some names, so there might just be a prefix!

Flamestar  Dusklight  Icepaw  Rainpaw/brook  
Goldclaw  Crowpaw/flight  Lilacpaw  Hollymist  
Oceanmoon  Daydream  Wolfbite  Fadedkit  
Thunderpaw  Swiftfeather  Frost That Bites In Cold Night Wind  Silverdusk  
Emberstripe  Echokit/wish  Nightwind  Cinderspark  
Brackentuft  Lynxpaw/lily  Spiritwillow Pearlflower  
Flakepaw  Crowpaw  Sunfur  Echoheart  
Olivenose  Adderpaw  RedblazeScorchlight  
EagleflightAshkit/flame  OspreysplashDawnshimmer  
Nightlily  Magnoliapaw  LilybreezeVioletfrost  
Mossflame  Frostwillow  Primrosefrost  Flamecloud  
Daisyspirit  Pantherfrost  Eggpaw  Leaffrost  
Mojoflight  Oceanglow  Meadowpoppy  Wisterapaw  
Frogstorm  Clownspark  Riverspirit  Applefall  
Wildstripe  Cedarpaw  Honeyfrost  Hazelsplash  
Hollystream  Orangepelt  Vixenkit  Icefire  
Icemist  Marblerose  Shadeleap  Silverkit  
Spixpaw  Frostpaw  Meadowfern  Skymist  
Timber Amberpaw  Platinumheart  Sunnycat  
BrambleheartFlamedove  Thistleflower  Icetuft  
Beardrop  Lilytail  Mountainstorm  Honeydawn
Cheetahheart  Springshine  Starstream  Softpaw  
Captainstorm  Slate  Icepaw/peltCrystalcloud  
Ghostpaw  Darkwhisper  Valleystream  Dragondawn  
Quailpaw  Dino  Sandtrot  Mochapaw
Pinestripe  Moonseeker  Corvuscall  Tinyfrost  
Goldenbrook  PeanutpawFree(something)  Bristleflight   
Brightpaw  Rainbowpaw/shine  Foampaw  Treepaw
ShadedpawTansybranch  Fading Echo Chestnutpaw/splash  
Lightningstrike Brightcloud  ScorchmistPalesprout  
Owlpaw/call  Blueheart  Crookedlark  Loonsong  
Dovestream  Blossomstrike  Cheetahflame  Violetsong  
Sandbreeze  Moonshade  Spiceheart  Willowstripe  
Sandkit/trotMoonshimmer  Willowpaw/song  Applefall  
Lightningstrike  OwlsrageFrostpaw/moon  Streampaw/lark  
Spectermask  Hazymist  Vanillapaw/cloud  Dawnlight  
Astermoon  Auragleam  MoonbreezeChermii  
Duskriver  Duststar Quillslip  Snowkit
Shadedheart  Blossomrose  Minkpaw  Echowillow
DawnpawAutumn SkyStormflower

If anything looks wrong, let me know in a comment! If you are NOT on the list, let me know on this page and I’ll add you. If you are already assigned to a team, you cannot switch teams 😀

Remember that Team Spirit helps you gain points! Feel free to change your pfp to your Team Art image, done by the lovely Swiftfeather!

a black cat holding up a paw, a frog sits on its head, trees are in the background
a silver tabby looking at the camera, holding up a paw, a river flows behind them
a brown cat staring away from the camera against a grassy backdrop
an orange cat with leaves flying around them

🪷 🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 🎶 🤍 aka Lil 🌷💫 lookin for something dumb 2 do 💫🤍 🍒 mentor to the amazing mintpaw! 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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